Second Ultrasound & Painful Blood Test

I can't believe I had to come back to the clinic the following day (September 16) and this time alone. I didn't want to drag hubs making him skip work time again so I went on my own. My schedule was 10:15 but I came early like 9am. I prefer that than being late. I had some conflict with the time since I was told to do ultrasound and bloodtest in which not the regular type but for sugar testing. This kind of bloodtest will require some fasting at least before you're given a glucose drink and then your blood will be drawn an hour after. The ultrasound on the other hand requires you to have a full tummy and more fluids to make the picture clearer. What to do?

No choice but to go for the ultrasound first and I made sure I ate breakfast and drank lots of water. Since baby's around 17-18wks already, it was a tummy ultrasound. It wasn't my doctor who performed it but their technician. I was wishing doctor will be there so she can explain things as we do the procedures. Warm gel was poured over my tummy then it began. Baby's awake that time and I saw movements. Looks like baby loves to kick around! There was a capture of the leg fully stretched out! Just like what was said in the books I'm currently reading, baby's skin is very transparent and you can see through it. I saw the heart beating and other organs with the pumping motions. The spine and skeletal structure were visibly glowing. Oh, how I wish hubs can be there with me to witness baby's development. I even asked before we started if I can take video of the ultrasound so I can show hubs but not allowed. That would be the best birthday present for him! He was happy to see the prints later that day but of course nothing beats seeing the real thing through the monitor. The same day I was back in the clinic, it's hubs birthday too and I missed to attend his office lunch. I was invited to come but baby comes first =)

After the ultrasound I rushed back downstairs for the glucose testing. I was given the glucose drink (and I hated it! too sweet for me and I'm no sweet tooth!) Waited for an hour before the blood drawing just sitting and nothing else to do. I badly wanted to finish earlier so I'll have time to shop and see what gift I can get for hubs. Finally it's time and I'll be free at last! I wasn't so happy after the blood was darn painful! The one who took my 2 blood samples had heavy hands and it was indeed very painful. I forgot to mention the blood test wasn't just for sugar testing but to check for birth defects and those things. Time to leave the clinic after the blood draws and I will just be posted for results later on.
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Tekkaus said...

Happy belated BD to your hubs Ayie! :)

Well...blood test is surely painful huh! :D Anyway I hope you are in good health right now Ayie! Have a nice day!

Ayie said...

Good Morning to you Tekkaus! I will give hubby your greetings, thanks!

Ayie said...

I'm still currently monitoring my diet for the blood sugar so it's not easy. Sometimes i want to eat and I just can't.

lina said...

Always exciting looking at the ultrasound and see the baby's movement.

Take care of yourself.

Ayie said...


That's why i felt so bad my husband can't come that day and to think that's his birthday! It would've been nice if he witnessed the ultrasound too not just the printed captures.

Thanks Lina!

Mummy Gwen said...

It's different here. The ultrasound is always performed by the OBGYN in private hospitals. Not sure bout goverment hospital though..hehe. Oh..hate those needles. Hope your results are A-OK. :)

Ayie said...

mummy sexy,

it's usually done by the doctor too however that time i was told to do the ultrasound it wasn't my doctor's sched so i think that's why. My doctor told me she'll try to do ultrasound to me on my next visit.

hate the needles too but nothin i can far so good with the results. =) tnx

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