Post Break: Baby Ornaments

As the due date gets nearer, I get more and more excited to shop for baby stuffs but right now we're still waiting for our baby's gender confirmation. So many cute baby ornaments both online and in retail shops. Of course I enjoy more going through the trouble walking and scouring for the goodies.

I'm enjoying partial shopping not only for baby but for mommy too =) I need some maternity clothes most especially jeans and thighs and I got few pairs already. On the side I also do shop for Christmas presents looking for some personalized Christmas ornaments. Call it retail therapy! I get to relax when I shop around whether it's just grocery or mall. That's one thing me and baby need anyway, some nice time alone seeing good things. =)
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Kim said...

hi Ayie
I love the first's very cute...
you must be so excited about finding out the gender of your baby :))

Ayie said...

Hi Kim!!

The 1st pic is so cute I agree and garfield too just because I love garfield! hahaha!

We've been wanting to know baby's gender since last Oct. I've been itching to get baby stuffs already =)

Thanks for checking me out here

levian said...

aw, it is so sweet just thinking about it. i bet once you know the gender you will be even more determine to shop for both the baby n you! hehe. :p

ladyviral said...

Merry Christmas! er... wait I am too early :P.

but not too early to get gifts ^_^. I should do some of those stuffs as a giveaway hahaha~ Hmmm.. sounds good... now let me see when will I go shopping :).

So when exactly is the due date again? I can't wait! Looks like I am as excited as you are hahaa~

Oh Garfield is cute alright... but I love Odie more :P. Too bad he can't talk.


lina said...

Have fun with your theraphy, Ayie! :)

Ayie said...


I am already enjoying my part of shopping =P

Ayie said...


Due February =)

I always prefer shopping early because it's not too heavy on the budget and also I don't think I can join the fun of Christmas rush now with my condition.

odie for you? I love garfield =P

Ayie said...


I think that's most girls therapy, hehe!

Mummy Gwen said...

Ayie ganda, I'm guessing you are having a boy. :P should shop earlier to beat the crowd during this upcoming festive season. Happy SHopping!!!

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

How can you say that? But initially we were told it might be a boy. =)

Shopping!! weee!!

Tekkaus said...

Fuyoh! Must be very exciting for both you and junior right? War...can go shopping with hubs for baby stuff right! Enjoy your shopping spree Ayie. :D

Icy BC said...

You're nesting, Ayie! How exciting!

Ayie said...


Just waiting a little bit more and once we know we're all set to buy stuffs!!!! weeee! shopping!

Ayie said...


Hehehe need to...for the coming baby =P

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