Prenatal Appointments

All prenatal appointments for expectant mothers are important and should never be taken forgranted. This is one of the first steps to having a healthy baby. Make sure to visit your primary care physician regularly, as appointed or as prescribed before baby's born. Beginning the prenatal check-ups during early pregnancy is important for mother and baby's proper care.

My prenatal care has a different story though compared to what I wrote above. By the time I knew I might be pregnant I didn't have my doctor here yet to check me up. Insurance and other things must first be done before I can go to regular check-ups so for me not to miss important things about the pregnancy and early care for my baby I kept in touch with my OB-GYN in the Philippines. I was given the necessary vitamins I needed to take within the time span of not having my primary care physician. That's why I am advising all expectant mothers to do the initial care right on the first month of pregnancy.

Every appointment your physician will:
  • check baby's growth, heart rate and movements
  • get your blood pressure & weight
  • conduct tests to see if there are health problems
  • discuss how you are going through the pregnancy process

Interacting with your physician is very important both for you and baby. This is the time when you can ask questions and relay pregnancy problems. Through this and all other procedures you can then be checked for signs of preterm birth or early birth before 37th wk of pregnancy. The doctor will help you stay healthy along the process so that this can be avoided or at least be treated accordingly.
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Tekkaus said...

In fact...those who wanna conceive baby should remember to take in folic acid right Ayie? Ha :D

levian said...

but people normally wouldn't notice by the first month? often i heard, people notice around the second or third month. indeed mothers should consistently meet with their physician since they are the professionals who know what every symptoms mean. :)

Ayie said...


You got it right! hehehe taking notes huh!

Ayie said...


Maybe for those who are irregular with periods but if you are really observant you can tell when you have skipped a cycle. that can be a positive indication for you to check it.

Kelvin said...

R u a mum? btw u should have a same chatbox on all ur blogs:)

life ramblings said...

nutritional supplements like cod liver oil, calcium, spirulina, folic acid, are good for all expectant mothers and babies. i took them each day throughout my pregnancy.

life ramblings said...

following a balanced diet during pregnancy can be difficult, but try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for a healthy pregnancy. i wish you the best ayie.

Mummy Gwen said...

I had terrible morning sickness when I was pregnant. Lost weight in the first trimester. But I never skipped my prenatal vits...although I had a hard time swallowing them.

ladyviral said...

Looks like baby is all healthy ^_^.

When I plan to have one XD I know who to approach! :P

Anonymous said...

Great post, Ayie! I never missed any of my appointments..

Ayie said...


I still need to work on many things on this blog, this is very new so not much things yet. Thanks for the suggestion and for your visit. Yes I am an expectant mom.

Ayie said...


And I know you are very health conscious =) Thanks for sharing!

Ayie said...


I just visited the doctor and my diet is doing good, thanks. I am so happy for all the support everybody's giving me. All of you!

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

Not good skipping prenatal vitamins and prenatal visit. It was easier for me when i conceived, not much morning sickness and hopefully everything turns out well in the long run.

Ayie said...


Just email me dear, no worries. Give me your contact numbers too so we can sms each other from time to time too.

Ayie said...


SO you were a good and obedient patient! That's great mommy ICY!

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