Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

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I am a first time mom and together with my husband we have decided to breastfeed baby at least up to 2 years. We strongly believe that by doing this we can do so much for baby's health and development. As we all know breastfeeding has been known to be the best food for our baby but not all mothers have the opportunity to breastfeed their babies. Milk pumping can be good to ensure your baby still gets to drink your precious milk for busy working moms though not all again can do this all the time. Formula feeding is another means of keeping our babies nourished, these formulas are fortified with the necessary nutrient babies need to grow healthy too.

I have no objections or negative remarks with formula feeding because not all moms have the privilege to work from home like me. Formula feeding is generally fine because all formulas, brand and  store brand formula marketed all throughout US meet the same nutrient specifications to fulfill the needs of an infant. It doesn't matter whether it's a store brand or name brand, in fact there's a big difference when it comes to savings if mothers opt for the store brand formula. Store brand formulas are not heavily advertised compared to the brand formula therefore making it a lot cheaper than those well known brands.

Eventhough formulas are known to be safe to give to babies it's always a must to observe and see any adverse effects. Some babies can develop gastrointestinal discomfort and such so having a very close watch on the well being of every baby should be well observed. With this matter some formulas were recalled like Similac due to the possible presence of a small common beetle. One formula which is chocolate flavored also ignited a controversy among parents. Many objected for such product with the parents' notion that it encourages infants to chocolates right away.

No matter what we choose to give our babies to drink we just need to make sure it meets the nutritional values they need to grow strong and healthy.

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