Pre Natal Vitamins

Pre-natal vitamins are very essential for pregnant women. We need proper nourishment and all necessary components for a healthier pregnancy and for our baby's development. Pre-natal vitamin can be taken before, during and during postnatal lactation. It's a bit similar to multivitamins except it contains different amounts of specific nutrients needed by an expecting mother.

I was given these vitamin samples from my first pre-natal clinic and all done now =) I am now taking a different vitamin prescribed by Dr. Vallejo which I asked from her when she called me up to check if I went to the dietitian's schedule. I was so pleased to hear her that same day because she's so in touch with her patients and really checking.

4th Doctor Visit

October 28, another doctor visit. This time around it's Ms. Linda Rios who attended to me. It didn't take that long because it's just a regular check-up. I was weighed and I gained 2-3lbs since the last visit. Baby's heartbeat was checked and it was good (thank God for that) and my tummy's measured. The doctor said it's slightly bigger than how it should be but it's ok. I can't contest to that because all of a sudden my tummy seem to just pop! I noticed about 2-3 days ago before the clinic schedule my tummy got slightly bigger and fuller. It actually amazed me how can those things happen just like that. =) I'll be seeing my doctor again after 2weeks and she'll be assessing again my charts. I still do my blood sugar checking and food log every single day and looks like it will be that way til my due date. Again my results were good and no need for medications.

Another Blood Test and Skin Test Reading

Last post was about the skin test or tuberculin test and I was asked to come back after 2 days. I was given the forms I need for the laboratory which made me wonder why I had to go there. I thought they will be the one to check the result on my arm but to my surprise I was told that they will get blood sample for another testing. One of their standard tests is the HIV blood testing. They really require that here so you have no other option.

Oh my another blood test! It's painful you know. I don't really complain with blood tests but those lab people have quite heavy hands so it's really "ouch" after the blood draw. I don't mind the blood test because I know it's needed so please spare me with my ranting. =P This time around I wasn't aware that I'll have to do blood draw and was surprised about it. Of course it adds up with the pain, being caught unprepared mentally.

After all my confusion, I went upstairs to the OB-GYN area to check about the skin test reading then I was told that my doctor is the one to check it. See what I mean? All mixed up! Well I can't blame my doctor for that since it was a different person who had to attend to me last time because she's not around. Finally I get to meet Ms. Linda Rios, the NP assigned to me. She was the one who checked my skin test and I was so relieved I'm ok. No rashes visible, that means you are not infected. The photos I attached here which I gathered from the internet show positive results.

Third Doctor Visit

Another day at the clinic (Oct 14), this time hubs was with me. We were hoping for another Ultrasound but no luck with that, instead it's scheduled on the 20th of November. I mentioned before that I'll be under a specialist so no more Dr. Vallejo. We did the usual thing when we reached the clinic, register for the appointment and wait for the nurse's call. What i like there is that they are on time with the schedules. Waiting time inside the clinic room for assessment and whatever has to be done takes a while but that's just it.

They really check everything good, mostly every visit they will require urine sample for testing if there's an infection or any abnormality that needs to be corrected right away. I was later on attended and I had to submit my food log, tests results and glucose monitor. It was such a relief when we were told that my stats are good and I need not to take medication. Honestly I don't like the thought of injecting insulin. That gives me the chills like some kind of torture. That's why I do my best to follow the nutrition diet given to me. My weight was checked, measured my tummy and checked on baby's heartbeat. Everything's good so far and we're so thankful about the results.

Days before the clinic schedule me and hubs were having some serious researches and discussions about me having flu shot. We simply can't decide if it's really safe to have or not but according to our research it's safe for expectant mothers. Flu season's coming and we have to be careful with me and baby most especially. I was also given a flu shot as recommended and was told that they will give the H1N1 shot once it's available. We were told that it's Thimerosal free (a mercury containing organic compound used as preservative in vaccines) and it's good because mercury is a no-no for preggy women. We felt confident after knowing about it because that's the special vaccine used for pregnant women. Take note moms-to-be, if you are getting a flu shot ask for this thimerosal free vaccine. It will be ordered for you. Better be on the safe side, we are carrying another life inside us.

After the shot I was also given a skin test for tuberculosis or also known as tuberculin test. They really want to check out for the mother's health so they give all the necessary tests needed. They said sometimes we are being exposed to the infection without having evident symptoms. What they did was inject that medicine in the skin layer and let it set for several days. I was asked to come back after 2 days for the skin test reading if positive or negative. I'll tell you more on the next post...

My baby bump - 5th month

My tummy's more obvious now and baby bump has grown. I noticed it's usually fuller by afternoon and at night time. Baby also moves a lot now. It always makes me smile when i feel baby moving, it gives me a great feeling that baby's ok and doing fine.

Meet The Dietitian

October 1 was my schedule to the other clinic nearer home where the dietitian gives lectures for those who are so called having "gestational diabetis". Finally met her and she gave us blood sugar monitor kit so we could test and record our blood sugar for the next 14days. We were given more light with the no-no foods and strict portions. I admit it's a lot of stress hearing somebody tell you this is only what you can eat and no more, better follow. I was ok because only my breakfast and dinner's affected with the changes but the other expectant mothers were getting so much shock from they were hearing. I honestly don't eat much knowing the possibilities of a pregnant woman getting diabetic so I carefully watch my diet. This is the only part that truly frustrates me. I felt it's so unfair, I am so strict already with myself and still I'm under such circumstances.

After the food diet lesson we were led to the other room where we were given the blood sugar monitor kit and taught how to use it. Painful procedure I'd say. My tiny fingers has to be pricked 4x a day! Yes 4 times, 1st after waking up, 2nd an hour after breakfast, 3rd an hour after lunch and finally and hour after dinner. I have to jot down now even the foods I eat every meal and my blood sugar test result. We were also told to do exercise like walking for 10mins after meals. This one I tried to comply at first but lately I haven't really followed. I think it's me challenging to prove myself too that I'm not really "diabetic" and me wanting to see the real result without much efforts. So far so good, my results turned out ok. My husband even telling me he thinks I'm ok all along it's just really the drink they gave me. I believe so too... Oh I'm ranting too much.... all for the baby. I'll just do what's best for both of us to be in best condition =)

test under special care

Oh I'm so damned! After that call telling me I failed that 1hr glucose test now it has to be the 3hr test. I haven't recovered form that down feeling and now another storm on me. This time not only me will suffer but also my poor baby inside because I had to do fasting and it should be no food from 10pm til the whole blood drawing procedures in which finished by lunchtime! Imagine not feeding my baby for more than 14hrs...

I had to go alone to the clinic, hubs needed to be at work and I didn't want him to lose his time too. I did my usual things first before going to the clinic, took hubs to work then came back home and brought sis-in-law to school then off to the clinic. I was first attended by Clara, a nice lady who took my first blood sugar reading prior to fasting and it was good! I was feeling a bit positive but after knowing the procedures later on i got pretty much tensed. She explained what will be done within the 3hrs span. I was determined to do it since it's needed and there's really nothing I can do, i was just thinking all for the baby.

From the Ob-Gyn area, I went to the Lab where the procedures will be done. It was a little past 9am and I was attended right away when they knew about my lab procedures. First thing was to get a vial of my blood sample (right arm) before taking the drink and then I was given that glucose drink in which I very much hated! If the first one for the 1hr test was sweet, this one's 2x the concentration! Are they kidding me? Who's blood sugar won't raise roof high with that?! So I just obliged and after an hour another full vial of blood sample from my left arm which was the 2nd blood draw. Another hour on the right again and finally last hour @ 12:47 on the left. I can say my arms were all beat up after the torture but i had to stay tough. I still need to drive back home and I didn't want hubs to be worried. I kept calling him for my update after every hour, it's important that he knew what's happening. I'm glad that my body sustained it and I didn't faint, throw up or felt so ill all of a sudden.

So what did I do for 3hrs waiting there? Played a game and listened to radio with my iphone. Thank goodness that really kept me company! That torture's not over yet because the waiting part was far more excruciating. Before I left the clinic I went back to see Clara and check if there's still something I needed to do after the lab. She was feeling sorry for all the stuffs I had to endure that day and knowing I haven't eaten anything for the past 14hrs she asked if I want some crackers before heading out. Her gesture made me smile and somehow made me feel better after all the pain i had to endure for the day.

After few days I received a call and I knew it was bad. They wouldn't call if the results were ok but in my case I was told that my blood sugar was medium high based on the tests. I was assuming it that way after tasting that drink. I can tell that my body isn't too fond of something too sweet because I don't really take much of it. Then I was told I'll be on special care. A dietitian-nutritionist will facilitate me from that time on. I was briefed with my food intake and schedules. Good thing I have the same pattern as to what was assessed for my routine and even with the food intake. I just didn't like the breakfast and dinner part in which ican't really eat for breakfast my usual heavy meal and instead I'll have it for dinner. That's completely the opposite of my sched but I just followed as told.
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