Post Break: Teaching bike safety to my kids

My wife jokes about me acting more like a worrisome mother than she does, but I guess that's kind of the truth. However, there are worse things that I could be accused of. Right now the thing that I'm really trying ot teach my kids and stress with them is bike safety because they're constantly on their bikes in teh neighborhood.

We live in a pretty nice development so I don't worry too much about their safety in it, but I came up with an idea the ohter day. I went online with my clear 4g and looked at a map of the area and highlighted areas that they could ride their bikes in.

They've been asking to ride their bikes to meet their friends at different places, so I also highlighted where bike paths are that they should take on the map. Then after I got them to study it I rode my bike and showed them where these spots and routes were. I feel better about them riding their bikes around now, even though I still worry a little bit.

Guest post written by Harry Huffman

Disciplining Your Kids

Babies and toddlers are naturally curious. So it's wise to eliminate temptations and no-nos — items such as TVs and video equipment, stereos, jewelry, and especially cleaning supplies and medications should be kept well out of reach.

When your crawling baby or roving toddler heads toward an unacceptable or dangerous play object, calmly say "No" and either remove your child from the area or distract him or her with an appropriate activity.

Timeouts can be effective discipline for toddlers. A child who has been hitting, biting, or throwing food, for example, should be told why the behavior is unacceptable and taken to a designated timeout area — a kitchen chair or bottom stair — for a minute or two to calm down (longer timeouts are not effective for toddlers).

It's important to not spank, hit, or slap a child of any age. Babies and toddlers are especially unlikely to be able to make any connection between their behavior and physical punishment. They will only feel the pain of the hit.

And don't forget that kids learn by watching adults, particularly their parents. Make sure your behavior is role-model material. You'll make a much stronger impression by putting your own belongings away rather than just issuing orders to your child to pick up toys while your stuff is left strewn around.

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Post Break: Branson Vacation

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Geile Leon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fall is a great time to commune with nature, it offers cool breeze and fair weather and not to forget the added beauty of the colors all around. Leaves start to be colorful as ever giving more life to any landscape. Lake sides are best places to see beautiful reflections of the trees surrounding it with the calming breathe of air something you can't get in the city.

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Everybody needs some space to breathe and relax for a while. It doesn't matter where as long as it's with someone dear to you.

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Post Break: San Diego Zoo

I know there is a debate over whether raising killer whales in captivity is the right or humane thing to do. After all, trainers get eaten by killer whales all the time, and it makes sense, given that the word "killer" is an adjective used to describe them. I certainly would not stick my hand in the kennel of a killer dog, or go to the movies with a professed serial killer. It just doesn't make sense, and by sense I mean both the common and spider variety. This is why SeaWorld in San Diego to me is not very child friendly. I prefer the San Diego Zoo and the calming, zen-like presence of elephants.

They say an elephant never forgets, but I assure you none of those memories involve the crippling of their trainer. Far from it. The elephants there are very amiable. The polar bears are also very kind, and not strung out on cola like the ones you see on the commercials. These polar bears seem almost lovable and not like the godless killing machines that infest our local aquariums. The zoo is wonderful place for both the children and the family, but this does not mean everywhere is safe. That's why when leaving for the zoo I always set my home security alarm(Adt packages here) to stun. Okay, I set it to contact the police, but it works all the same.

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

Taking A Break

It's important to have little breaks from mommyhood or daddyhood. This doesn't mean neglecting your kid and just doing your own thing. Although personal space is very important for anyone, doing family breaks is very ideal in keeping a healthy family life. Your kid will grow with more confidence and love in him. Having both parents by his side can contribute greatly to his development.

Having said this, try booking for a short family vacation by the beach. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, play with the waves, build sand castles and have fun out in the sun. These activities can strengthen the bond between parents and kids. Say for an instance check long beach listings and see options for long beach apartment for a more flexible family stay. Hotels are far more ideal weighing in the comforts compared to getting apartment for rent in long beach ca but this gives option gives you more freedom with your budget and activities you intend to do. Whatever works best for you and your family, make sure you enjoy every bit of it. That's more important than anything else.

Lemon Chicken For Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mom

This recipe is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and riboflavin, which are important during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Prep time: 20 minutes, including cook time


  • ½ c. bread crumbs
  • ½ c. egg alternative
  • ½ c. grated Romano cheese
  • 2 tsp. canola oil
  • ¼ c. white wine (see Notes)
  • juice of one lemon
  • 2 tsp. butter
  • 12 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breasts (4 "thin" breasts)


  1. Pound chicken breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap until they are about ¼" thick.
  2. Mix breadcrumbs with cheese in a shallow dish.
  3. Dredge chicken breasts in flour, and then dip in egg substitute, then into cheese-breadcrumb mixture to coat.
  4. Heat 1 tsp. butter in saucepan with canola oil.
  5. When butter starts to brown and oil is hot, place chicken breasts in pan and cook over medium-high heat for 2 minutes on each side until chicken is golden brown and thoroughly cooked. Chicken may need to be cooked in batches of two, depending on pan size.
  6. Remove chicken from pan and keep warm.
  7. Deglaze plan with white wine, lemon juice, and the additional 1 tsp. of butter.
  8. Pour sauce over chicken breasts and serve immediately.
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Post Break: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Ever since I was a little kid, about 7 years old, my grandparents would take me to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I remember my first game, we took a tour of the stadium early in the day and since that first time walking into the ballpark, I knew I would be coming back often. As I got older, I went every year; through high school, college and now that I'm married, my wife and I take our kids as well.

A day at the Fenway Park is like nothing else. The Fenway franks that make your mouth water as you walk by the vendors, the peanuts passing hands among friends and the sea of Red Sox memorabilia really stand out to me. When game time comes, there isn't an empty seat to be seen as the starting pitcher throws that first pitch. Home games are best when it comes down to the bottom of the ninth, and the home team steps up to the plate, driving in that game winning run.

As stressful as those close games can be, they really do make for some classic memories. My last resort, as it is impossible to make it to all 81 home games, is to watch the home team via satellite television from Baseball is by far my favorite sport to watch live, and nothing compares to being with friends and family at good old Fenway Park.

Contribution by Jacques Carr

Lactose Intolerance

For many kids, an ice cream sundae or a cool glass of milk at lunch means an afternoon of cramps, gas, and diarrhea.

Kids who have this kind of discomfort after consuming dairy products might have a lactose intolerance, which is caused by problems digesting lactose, the main sugar in milk and milk products.

Lactose intolerance occurs when the body makes too little of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to break down lactose into two smaller sugars called glucose and galactose. When there's not enough lactase in the body, lactose doesn't get broken down in the small intestine, and it passes into the large intestine where bacteria ferment it into gases and acids. This process can cause cramps, abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhea about 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming any foods or drinks that contain lactose.

For some kids, these symptoms are very severe and their systems can't tolerate any lactose. For others, the symptoms are milder and they just have to limit the amount of dairy products they consume.

Lactose intolerance can be managed — and the stomach discomfort can be reduced — with some modifications to the diet. If you suspect that your child has a lactose intolerance, notify your doctor.

Post Break: It Is Fun To Move

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Quality time is very important and it's hard to have so much of this once you have a baby at home. The baby will require so much attention and care and there's no excuse not to attend to him or her. As the baby grows, there will be more fun things to do that can serve as a family fun time together. But for every couple it doesn't mean they have to wait for the baby to grow before they can spend some fun time together.

The new PlayStation®Move can be something fun and entertaining for new moms and dads who want to spend some quality time together when taking breaks from babysitting. Move and get on the groove with the new revolution of motion gaming experience. This may be the perfect time to upgrade PlayStation®3 system for only $99 with the MOVE bundle package to be able to enjoy motion gaming right at home. With the new PlayStation®Move, sports can be enjoyed anytime of the day without having to leave for outdoors. I'm so excited having my hands again to play some serious bowling but this time around right in our living room.

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Baby Safety - Playpens

These high-sided, enclosed play areas are popular because they allow parents to put their baby down with the knowledge that their little one can't wander off. However, playpens are no substitute for adult supervision — never leave a child unattended in a playpen.

What to look for:

  • If the playpen has mesh sides, the holes in the mesh should be no larger than ¼ inch (0.6 centimeter) to keep small fingers from getting caught. The mesh should be securely attached.
  • The sides should be at least 20 inches (51 centimeters) high, measured from the floor of the playpen.
  • If the playpen is wooden, the slat spaces should be no more than 2-3/8 inches (5.08 centimeters) in width.
  • Look for padding on the tops of the rails to protect your baby from bumps.
  • The locks that allow you to lower a side should be out of your baby's reach.
  • Make sure the playpen has well-protected hinges and supports.
  • Look for a playpen with top rails that automatically lock when lifted into the normal position.
  • Examine the floor of a used playpen for wear and tear.


  • Never leave a baby in a mesh playpen with the side lowered. The baby could get trapped between the mesh side and the floorboard. Because of the danger of suffocation, only one floor pad should be used and soft bedding should be avoided in the playpen at all times.
  • Show babysitters and other caregivers how to correctly set up the playpen.
  • Always put your baby to sleep on his or her back.
  • Stop using the playpen when your child can easily climb out — when he or she reaches a height of 34 inches (86 centimeters) or weighs 30 pounds (14 kilograms).
c/o kidshealth

Post Break: Time with my son

The years have gone by way too fast. It doesn't seem like forty years have passed since I brought my firstborn son home from the hospital. It doesn't seem possible that he has made me a grandmother of three teenagers. My two younger children are still in their twenties and I still see them on a very regular basis, but it was not the same case with my oldest. He had responsibilities that took priority, like his family and career.

My very wise daughter-in-law must have realized he was missing his mama just as much as his mama was missing him. She bought us each a booklet of coupons. There were twelve total, and one could be used each month at the local golf course. At first, I didn't understand this. I had no interest in the game whatsoever, nor did my son to my knowledge.

Did I mention my daughter-in-law is wise? She knew that we needed time together. Not just an hour here and there, but several hours where it was just the two of us. We would plan that daily outing with care each month. I would set the security alarm from adt security company for my home and off I would go. We always picked a day that wasn't popular with the majority of other golfers. This way, we weren't rushed and we could enjoy each moment of our time together. My daughter-in-law gave me the most precious gift she could, and I thank her quite often for it.

Written by Fermin Washington

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