Post Break: Check It

Now that we have our baby, our goal of providing better transport system is on high priority. Our old car breaks down from time to time usually not turning on. We have to be always ready and on stand-by for any emergency just like when I was pregnant.

You'll never know when there will be a call for emergency so it's good to always check your cars and always be ready. It's the same thing as keeping ourselves healthy, cars need tune up and oil change. Doing this will help it be in a good maintained state.

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Signs of Labor

There are ways you can tell if you're really in labor or just having Braxton-Hicks contractions. You are probably in labor if:
  • the cramps last longer and gets closer together
  • the pains get stronger when you move
  • you lose your mucous plug (bloody show)
  • clear liquid is leaking or flowing out of your vagina (bag of water breaks)
  • you have a lot of soft bowel movements
  • the pain moves from your lower back to your abdomen
If you think you are in labor, begin timing your contractions. You should call your doctor or go to the hospital:
  • if water bag breaks
  • if contractions are 5-10 minutes apart for one hour
  • if blood is coming out of the vagina

Post Break: Getting Ready To Fly

Our much awaited time has come, finally our little boy;s out and we're actually planning already about bringing him back home to meet my family. We had to postpone our trip due to his arrival but next year me, hubs and baby will surely fly back home.

I will have to check out another luggage for us, having a baby requires a lot of things too. I am checking on something simple like Hartmann luggage and the casual looking Tumi luggage. Something not too common looking so it's not going to be hard to spot it from all other luggages.

And He's Out

I gave birth 2 wks ahead of the assumed time, it wasn't bad but of course like any other births it's painful. I delivered normally (vaginal delivery) and started labor at 8pm of Jan 31 all the way to 6am Feb 1. Finally by 6:00am the nurse helped me practice pushing. She's very helpful and caring, I thank her so much for this practice push before she called in the doctors. This practice made my delivery easier because I was able to push right in shorter time. I swear it's very tiring and you will definitely have to summon all your energy doing this.

How did I know I was going to deliver early? That Sunday after lunch I suspected something different happening with me. All of a sudden I had quite a discharge, actually lots of watery discharge that I had to keep changing my panty liners. I called in the Labor and Delivery of the hospital to ask for advice and i was told to visit the hospital so they can check if that's just a regular leak or if my water bag broke already. So me and hubs came around 6:oopm and was further assessed by 7:oopm. It was confirmed then that it was my water bag and the fluid leaking is amniotic fluid. Then I was told I had to stay in the hospital. Good thing I was aware enough of certain changes because it could be very harmful for baby if i just took things forgranted. I didn't have much other signs of labor so it was just really that fluid leak. It's really good to know your body and pay close attention to details. this can save both you and baby.

Labor and Delivery

As the birth gets closer in the last weeks and days of pregnancy, moms will notice a number of things that will tell her body's getting ready for labor. Moms may have BRAXTON HICKS contractions or false labor which are mild cramping pains in the abdomen, one way your body prepares for birth. There can be BLOODY SHOW too shortly before labor begins. A mucous discharge with a little blood coming from the vagina.

One of the most common sign of impending labor and delivery is when the WATER BAG BREAKS. This is when water leaks or gushes out from vagina and sometimes it doesn't happen until you are in labor. It is very advisable to call your doctor or might as well pay a visit to the hospital to have you checked if it's really your water bag or just a regular leak.

Signs doctors look to tell how soon you might have your baby by looking at your cervix to check:
  • effacement - the cervix gets thinner as birth gets closer
  • dilation - the cervix begins to open very slowly
The doctors also check baby's position to determine how baby can be delivered.

Make sure you get plenty of rest and don't get too tired weeks before labor begins because labor can start at any time and it requires very hard work. try to exercise each day like walking to stay in good shape. being fit will give you the strength to go through labor. It is also advisable to eat lots of small meals. It's not good to let yourself get too hungry because once labor starts you might not be given a chance to eat until after giving birth.

Post Break: The Goal

One of our goals for this past year was to conceive our first baby and thank God we did. We were blessed with a wonderful baby boy. All other things were put on stand by giving so much padding to support our baby's arrival. Now we have our pending goals to achieve since baby's out already.

One goal on the run now is getting another car bigger than the compact we have now. Baby needs a better transport system and it's a must to provide it. But this is not the biggest of all, we also plan to finally get our own place. To purchase our home here. Checking out HUD apartments and homes as early as now to see our options. Still don't know when this can be done but hoping to get good results from HUD or any other sites for our house hunting deals.


My apologies to all my readers and followers, I haven't updated my posts due to an early stork delivery to us last February 1. Yes baby's here finally and he's a healthy boy! Will keep you all posted =)
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