Family Togetherness

Keeping a family tradition is important.  It can play a bi role in your child's well-being.  Somehow this can reflect family togetherness to your growing child.  Family traditions need not be grand nor expensive.  Even the simplest things can mean more to your kid. 

Of course occasions like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and such are normal traditions families observe.  Simple traditions like praying together at night before going to sleep and putting the baby all together in bed is something meaningful.  Eating family meals together is another simple thing a family must try to observe.  This gives more value of togetherness and a broader sense of family is felt in this kind of activity. 

Being creative is one key in making family traditions.  Say for instance, doing something every season as a family which you'll observe to do every year.  Go to the mountains and have fun in the snow during Winter.  Spend some good time planting in the garden during Spring.  Go to the carnivals and beach on hot Summer months.  Jump on leaves or go on a hike during Fall.  These don't require much effort, just the time to do it all together.
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