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Being pregnant is a blessing but we can't always be pleased with all the changes our body's experiencing. From our barely there tummy to a full grown baby bump, our skin suffers so much stretching that's why the more we have to take care of it. I am not advertising Palmer's cocoa butter products, I am just simply sharing the things I am using to keep my skin healthy all throughout the pregnancy. Some ladies are fortunate enough not to have stretchmarks (just like my mom) but most get a lot. So I made sure I included these items in my shopping lists, of course I have to take care of myself too =P It's better to feel beautiful still even pregnant. Agree or not?

What is stretch mark? According to wikipedia:

"Stretch marks or striae (singular stria), as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, and over time can diminish but not disappear completely. Stretch marks are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth (common in puberty) or weight gain (e.g. pregnancy or muscle building) or in some cases, severe pulling force on skin that overcomes the dermis's elasticity.[citation needed]

Stretch marks may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, muscle building etc.[1] Medical terminology for these kinds of markings includes striae atrophicae, vergetures, stria distensae, striae cutis distensae, striae gravidarum (in cases where it is caused by pregnancy), lineae atrophicae, striae distensae, linea albicante, or simply striae."

For more detailed info about symptoms, signs, causes, prevention and removal of stretch marks, you may check it here.

8th Doctor Visit & Baby Development

It's amazing how days pass by so fast! It was just 2wks ago that I posted about my last doctor visit and here I am again sharing another visit I had last December 24. Yes, they have clinic on Christmas Eve! No ultrasound this time around but docotr measure my ever growing tummy again. So far I gained about 13.5lbs, my blood pressure is good, tummy size is just right, baby moves from time to time, baby's heartbeat okay and urine test negative meaning no infections.

I mentioned before that I am officially on my 3rd trimester, that last 3 months of my pregnancy. This is the best time to choose a doctor for the coming baby. As we think of getting ready for the new baby, our body also is getting ready for it. There might be uncomfortable feelings and tiredness. These are normal.

Fetal Developments:

During this last trimester (7th - 9th mos or 28 through 40 wks), baby grows a lot and getting stronger. As baby begins to take up much space, there is less room to move around. At the beginning of the 3rd trimester baby weighs about 2-3lbs and about 14-15 inches long (I can't imagine how a long baby can fit in my small body). By the end of the 7th month, baby will be about 4lbs and measure 16 inches. By that time also baby's nervous system is matured enough to control temperature and breathing. The lungs are now mature too. By the end of 7th month baby can now see even inside the womb it can see light outside the womb. The baby's head should be pointed down and as the due date gets closer, the head moves farther into the cervix. When this happens you might get some relief from heartburn and indigestion but can result to often urination since baby's putting more pressure on the bladder.
  • In the last trimester, a fetus gains about 1/2 lb each week or 2lbs each month
  • baby can heat inside the womb and can know the sound of mommy's voice, talking to baby will be best to do fro parents this time of development

How To Check Baby:

This time is when mommy checks baby's kick count or fetal kick count. (fetal movement) Through this you can determine how your baby's doing. I was also given a guide by my doctor about doing the fetal kick count. It's a s simple as counting how long it takes baby to move about 10 times or as guided by the doctor. Doping this can more or less tell you if baby is normal.

How To Do:
  • sit with feet up or lie down on side, check what time you start
  • put hands on tummy to feel baby's movements
  • count how many times baby moves, a move can be a kick, wiggle, twist, turn, roll or stretch (do not count baby's hiccups)
  • count up to 10moves, this should take less than one hour
  • once your baby has moved 10 times (or refer to your doctor's instructions with teh counts and timing) in less than 1hr, you can stop counting then you can go about the rest of the day
If baby doesn't move right away, don't panic or worry that baby's not fine. We have to consider that baby must be sleeping (and baby really sleeps good). You may do these:
  • drink something cold (cold water helps) or eat something
  • walk around for 5mins
  • then feel tummy for 1 more hour
Take note if baby doesn't move the whole day, you must report this to doctor so you and baby can be checked.

Post Break: Greetings To All!

Have A Blessed Christmas
Prosperous New Year!!!

Post Break: Safety Tips

We pregnant women should really be careful with everything and it's best to avoid getting hurt. Here are some things we need to to know to practice extra care:
  • Always be careful when walking, driving, working and cleaning. These activities can be tiring and we shouldn't exhaust our bodies too.
  • Body shape changes during pregnancy making you unstable which makes it prone to slip and fall.
  • Pregnant women can feel dizzy or faint, if you feel this way better sit down right away and rest. If driving, pull over to the side of the road. This can be really dangerous so don't force it.
  • Being pregnant doesn't excuse us from wearing seat belts, just make sure the lap belt goes under the tummy.
  • When cleaning avoid harsh cleansers, fumes can be harmful to you and most especially baby.
  • Do not douche (wash the inside of the vagina with water) as it is not safe when pregnant.
  • Do not take hot baths or exercise too hard, body temperature tends to get high and it's bad for baby. It's not good to sit in hot tubs or steam baths, bath water should just feel warmer than your skin.
  • Never climb on a chair or ladder. Any kind of fall can lead to severe injury to you and baby loss.
  • Do not lift heavy things and if you must, make sure to bend and lift from the knees keeping back straight.
  • Hold on to something when bending or getting up, this can give you extra support. Apply this also when climbing up or going down stairs so in case you lose balance.
  • It's not recommended to wear high heels, better wear flat shoes that fit well as our feet expand when tired.
  • Keep floor clear of cords or other things you can trip over even rugs that you can slide on.
  • Be extra careful in the bathtubs and showers, use rubber mats. It's advisable to put rubber mats to avoid slipping. This applies most in walking in snow or ice, better be extra cautious.
  • Don't push yourself to do things when you feel tire, at least get 8-10hrs sleep. Rest whenever you feel tired.
  • It's very important to keep our hands clean, wash thoroughly after touching raw meats and pets. Do not clean the cat litter too, you can get illness from it that can harm baby.

Safety Reminder:
In case of accidents, getting hit or fall make sure to call the doctor or go to the hospital to have you checked. Make sure your cars are all conditioned to run in case of emergencies. Have it checked and well maintained. Oil, air, timing belt, water... all those things must be well checked whether your car is toyota, honda accord, ford, mustang, etc. For San Francisco auto repair, you may check here.

Post Break: Shopping

Now that we know our baby's gender it's time to go shopping. I have been shopping for my maternity needs during those previous months, of course comfy clothes should be worn by preggy moms like me. There are special denims / bottoms for pregnant women that serves more support and comfort both for mommy and baby. Make sure you consider getting those than trying to still fit in your normal clothes. Aside from clothes I also bought books that can help me through the entire pregnancy and when baby's out. Educating our self will be beneficial for us and baby too.

This Christmas holiday break me and hubs will start buying those baby furnitures that we'll need for baby's arrival. Basics will be the crib, dresser & changing table, baby tub, high chair, infant carrier, stroller & accessories. Those are just a few of what I think we should get. Baby clothes, feeding sets and other hygiene needs should not be left out in the list including mommy's needs.

I get more and more excited that I want to even decorate the home to look like baby's nursery room. I know it's not a practical choice to think since we are buying big stuffs for baby soon. Changing dinnerware, drinkware, utensils and all can be a good idea though. Perhaps if I see baby decorated wares then I surely can't resist even if it's a fine China collection. =)

7th Doctor Visit

Finally had our updated Ultrasound last doctor schedule (Dec 10) but the scans are not so good. It's really hard to see baby so clear. That technician never gave me a good full shot of baby even the last time he did sometime Sept 16. Oh well this is the best that I can share right now, also it's a baby boy!

So far with my sugar levels even if there were several highs doctor said everything's good. It better be good, it's hard enough to resist such cravings and maintain the diet. What's worse is that somehow my craving is kicking in just lately. I didn't have much cravings before during the early months but now I am looking more for some specific foods. I just always play "mind over matter" for me not to be so tempted to give in and indulge.

I am officially on my third trimester. I just stepped on my 7th month and tummy's getting heavier than ever. We were told that baby's a little big but it's not likely because of the gestational diabetis thing but because it's daddy's fault! hahaha! He has such a big daddy (6'4") and mommy's a shortie (5') so no wonder baby will be big for my small frame. We're happy as long as baby's healthy.

Eating Healthy

It's important to follow healthy eating habits most especially when pregnant. I'll share this time some guides and tools that can provide proper nutrition for moms and baby!

7 Parts of Healthy Eating:
  • Protein for muscle growth and organs such as heart, brain, stomach, uterus, liver & cells.
  • Carbohydrates for energy.
  • Fat for energy & cell growth.
  • Vitamins to make organs, muscles, nerves & other body parts work right.
  • Minerals for healthy cell growth in bones, teeth & blood.
  • Fiber helps with food digestion & prevents certain diseases.
  • Water to help the entire body work properly.

Post Break: Teen Pregnancy

Last time I wrote about the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and discussed risks regarding such pregnancy. Upon re-reading the post I got reminded of the shows we previously viewed on Direct TV "16 and Pregnant -MTV" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager-ABC family". These shows are all about teen pregnancy. I am not being discriminative with these shows but I think producers should be more specific and careful with their approach not to give the wrong message to the young viewers. These directv shows have good and bad sides to it and I hope instead of making teenagers curious about engaging into early pregnancy after seeing the shows will make them think twice of their life's choices.

Pregnancy or motherhood as we all know is not an easy journey. We are not talking about your life alone but your life as a mom, having all the responsibilities of raising and taking care of your baby. There will be sleepless nights, no more gimmicks and good old fun times with friends. Those are just part of consequences nevertheless if any teen will embrace mommyhood I think things may turn out good for her. It will not be like bed of roses and smooth sailing journey but at least things will be more in harmony. May these shows mentioned above serve as a lesson for those teens out there. Don't rush growing up, enjoy one step at a time. Remember, there are no timeouts in motherhood.


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Baby Development: Second Trimester

Second trimester is the fourth through the sixth month or 14 to 27 weeks of pregnancy. It is a very exciting stage as you will feel more movements for baby most especially kicking. Sharing this experience with your partner / husband can stir fun and emotional feelings. I can personally relate to this because I get excited when baby moves a lot and this never fails to bring us smiles when we see my tummy movements with little to big thumps. the kicks now is getting stronger. I wonder if baby got mommy's taekwondo kicks! =P Again with prenatal appointments, make sure you follow and attend the doctor sessions. Your pregnancy and baby's development should be closely checked. This time around there will be no denying that you are pregnant because tummy is too obvious to hide (some women though had very small or barely there baby bump until giving birth).

Fetal Development:

At the end of the first trimester baby's already fully formed but some organs are still developing and others are beginning to work. Baby will grow a lot during the second trimester.
  • Baby was just about a size of a peanut when we first learned about the pregnancy.
  • At the end of first trimester baby will be about 4 inches long in which i refer to my husband like a size of a mobile phone =)
  • A month later baby will be about 7 inches long and will nearly weigh 1/2 pound.
  • Upon reaching 5th month of pregnancy, baby will be about 12 inches long weighing about 1 pound. now you can feel your tummy getting heavier than usual and also expanding more.
  • By the end of second trimester at six months, baby will be around 14 inches long weighing about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds. Now we're talking heavy! I am honestly feeling the added weight in my tummy. I still can move so fast but when I'm laying down I have to be extra careful now getting up.
  • Eyes continue to develop during this time. Eyebrows and eyelashes starting to appear in the fourth month. by the end of sixth month the eyes are almost fully developed with eyelids that open and close.
  • Soft hair called Lanugo begins to grow on baby's body at the beginning of second trimester. During the fifth month baby's skin is very wrinkly and covered by a white waxy or cheese like coating called Vernix. Hair also begins to grow on baby's head =) I still don't know who's genes is stronger with me and hubs because if it's my genes then baby will barely have hair or nearly bald when born because we (me 7 siblings) have very fine limp hair. if hubs then expect to have a headfull of hair =P
  • As second trimester comes to an end, baby will remain curled up with knees against chest (that explains all the bumpy kicks I get).
Mommy's Body:
  • Mommy gained about 10-12 pounds so far (I gained 11 =P)
  • Skin starts itching because of the stretch, belly getting really bigger. Always apply lotion or oils to help skin's elasticity. Not all women are fortunate enough not to have stretchmarks.
  • Uterus is about a size of a soccer ball. The top of uterus is more or less 2 inches above belly button.
  • Shoes might feel tight, face might looks puffy because the body's holding in water. Check out procedures when this happens.
  • Cramps in feet and legs may frequent you at night so make sure to avoid sleeping on your back for better circulation.
  • Mommy might get hemorrhoids or swollen veins in rectum. This can bleed so better tell doc right away if this happens.
  • Nose might feel stuffy and occasional nosebleeds.

Post Break: Be Ready

Getting to the hospital at any time is very important not only when you are due labor already. There are cases when emergencies arise aside from the usual doctor visits. Make sure to always have you car ready for such event. Better have it tune up, brake inspection, wheel alignment, oil change and all to assure it's up and running by the time you need it most.

What are things to be considered aside from your trusty car? Make sure you have someone you can count on to take you to the hospital if you can't make it on your own in the hospital. have a back up plan if ever that first person is not available, Make sure you have all important phone numbers with you may it be emergency, doctor, relatives, friends and others who live nearby who can help you if needed. If you have children try to secure ahead where you can leave them or who can take care of them once you go to the hospital. It's better that you know different routes going to the hospital and a back up plan for another hospital in case of unlikely circumstances.

It's better to be ready because we will never know what will come to our surprise.

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6th Doctor Visit & Bump Update

Last November 25 was another doctor visit for me and baby. I got a little late for my check-up because I had to be there 15mins earlier and I overlooked my schedule thinking it's 11:15am. I came 11:00am just right on time for my appointment but I still had to register and do some procedures. Good thing I am always punctual with all my other appointments and doc was okay with the slight delay. It is very important to be on time with your schedules because it will cause delay also for others later on. If ever we have good valid reason then we can be waived form the tardiness. In my case it wasn't just overlooking time but I had to deliver something important to my husband's office on my way to the clinic. That also caused my delay. Oh well too much lectures on being late, now about the check up.

I really can't update you much here since it's all the same routine. Doc said baby's heart rate is good around 150-160, my tummy measures 28 which is just right, my blood pressure is good and weight gain is just okay. She of course checked my blood sugar and food log and I passed, no need for any medications. I'm controlling my sugar levels good enough with my diet so I'm good.

Doctor uses a doppler fetal heart monitor to determine baby's heart rate. It's important for them to check the heart rate to determine if it's at normal rate, making sure baby's alive and growing. It's exciting whenever I hear the fast heartbeats somehow it gives me the feeling that baby's doing good. This is not an assurance of course but any mom-to-be will be more than ecstatic to know every single detail about her baby. I almost forgot, doctor also ordered me to go to the laboratory for my CBC (complete blood count) test. It was another unprepared day for a blood draw but thank goodness the new medtech who took my blood sample was very light handed. No pain this time! To check out what's the need for CBC test, just read here.

Baby Development: First Trimester

Baby grows and changes the most during the first trimester (1st-3rd month) that's why it's important to give yourself proper care so baby grows right. baby is called embryo for the first 8wks and by the end of the first 3mos baby becomes a fully formed fetus. All major organs and systems are formed and baby's about 3-4 inches (I compared it to a size of a mobile phone) long and can weigh to about 1/2 to 1 ounce.

After 4 weeks:
  • Embryo is about 1/4 inch long
  • Tiny heart starts to form and beats (but it beats really fast! 2x our normal heartbeat)
  • Arms and Legs appear as tiny buds
  • Brain and spinal cord start to form
  • Eyes and ears start to develop
After 8 weeks:
  • Heartbeat can now be seen in ultrasound (vaginal ultrasound)
  • Brain, spinal cord and heart continue to form
  • Mouth is now developing tooth buds
  • Jaw, lung, nose and palate start to form
During 9-12 weeks:
  • Arms and legs are fully formed
  • Fingernails and toenails start to appear
  • external genital organs develop
  • Eyelids are formed
This is such an exciting stage for the parents-to-be. I remember seeing the very first ultrasound of our baby and it was a terrific feeling. We couldn't believe how I get to have a little kicker inside me moving a lot. Looking at how my husband was fondly staring at the monitor with very wide pasted smile on his face is something I can't ever forget. I didn't get to capture that moment but it's already etched in my heart and mind. And now we can't wait to see our baby inside me once again. We always wonder how our baby looks now. =)

Post Break: I didn't Know I was Pregnant

One biggest risk in pregnancy is not knowing about it, and how can this be possible? Believe it or not it happened to some ladies out there. We were dumbfounded to see that show on tv "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant" showing reenactment of how those ladies gave birth thinking they were just having a painfully killing stomach ache. Little did they know they were on labor already that time. Some made it through the hospital and some actually gave birth in the bathroom with the thought that they just had to relieve themselves. Some of the reasons why they didn't detect or even suspect such pregnancy: 1) due to their very irregular periods & polycystic ovary issues 2) use of contraceptives and safe sex 3) not so evident weight gain and baby bump

Risks for moms and babies are at high stake due to lack of proper care. Some of them had a very active life working on heavy tasks and even some used to smoke and drink alcohol. So far all reenactments showed positive birth results for the babies but of course most of them are not in better shape. Like all the previous posts I wrote here I mentioned the importance of prenatal visits, vitamins and healthy lifestyle for every expectant mothers or else many complications might happen both to mom and baby.

I realized one big thing after watching this show. It's very important for all of us ladies to be very aware and observant with ourselves. Being conscious not only on the outer appearance but also our whole well-being. May this serve as a lesson to all and also a guide to keep us all on the right track. Too bad I don't remember the channel but you may try to search it over and they might have some clips about the show.

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