It's Positive!!!

After months of anticipating and waiting and few down times my much awaited period never came. I was hesitant to take the home pregnancy test because I got so down when I first took the courage to do it and gave me a negative result later on. It felt like a big dagger stabbed my heart, yes indeed very depressing. What can I do, false alarm. I knew that time I might not be preggy yet but I just couldn't fight my curiosity. There were some signs that lead me to think I might be so I was trying to keep my hopes up. Not that we're being to excited and rushing too much to conceive, we were having some time pressures also. Hubs' papa will be coming back here and staying with us by May and then the rest of his family (mom, bro & sis) by June. We knew having everybody around will give us slimmer chances of having our little time of privacy in which we all know is very important to any couple.

Mother's day passed and still no luck, I didn't even bothered testing having a very evident sign that I haven't conceived yet. I was kind of hoping I can celebrate my first mother's day though somehow I did, my bro greeted me happy mother's day for being a mom to his Elisse. That somehow lifted my spirit. Another month passed and soon it was Father's Day. This time I was really eager to know since I missed my period on the day it should come... eager to at least be part of this father's day celebration for my husband. This time I have decided to do the test and the result was very pleasant. 2 lines finally, very bold and clear. Despite the positive result, we didn't fully rejoice and still decided to wait for several days and re-test. Now I know how uplifting it could be to get the result you're wishing for. My greatest dream to be a mom someday will come true in few more months!

Not really knowing how I should handle the result, we decided to keep the news to ourselves for the meantime. As I was told by a friend it's not so good to announce it right away during the first 2 months. I simply shared the news to my bestfriend and personal OB-GYN doctor back home, as much as I want to spill the news I simply can't. Hubs and I agreed that we will be final with the pregnancy once we 're done with the medical matters and ultrasound. I had my initial care from my doctor, she's very nice to keep in touch with me though email and entertain my overseas calls.

Preparations and Decisions

I had to make sure I'm healthy enough to conceive a baby in time so I had a year to prepare for that. Before I migrated here, I made it a point to have a check up in an OB-GYN clinic. From there I was guided by my nice and gentle doctor and prescribed necessary supplements needed in preparation for future pregnancy. Diet was a strict factor and I'm proud to say that I managed to follow. I made sure my husband and doctor meet by the time he's back home.

After coming here our second preparation started. We checked out our funds, accounts, resources and all to further determine how good we can sustain a family addition. Having a baby is not all about budgets and savings, being physically and emotionally fit is very important. We're more careful with our diet here staying away from those fast foods. I cook healthy meals in varieties of meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits. Internet researches helped a lot in acquiring information prior to conceiving. Then I found out too much caffeine can hinder conception so the coffee addict in me got alarmed. I never thought my favorite coffee can hinder such thing! After reading that article I decided to stop or at least lower my coffee intake. It wasn't easy but I always say to myself it's all for the baby. I take a sip maybe once a week and sometimes even not. Aside from diet I also try to maintain some walking exercise weekly. I'm quite lazy with workouts so a leisurely walk can do the trick. Sleep was given a high consideration too and we make sure to relax from time to time to reduce our stress.

Having done all these things I thought conceiving can come easier and as I worked on my researches, I found this great site "" very helpful. I was able to know more about timing when you are highly fertile or at least ready to ovulate. Hehehe, I never paid too much attention to these things back then. You can actually consider me ignorant of this matter. No kidding! Having learned all these I thought conceiving will be a lot easier now that i have a guide. It was certainly frustrating not being able to conceive still after months of trying. Hearing all about teen pregnancies and one night stand conceiving gave me the idea it was as easy as that. Now I know I was wrong to think that way.

Considerations Before Conceiving

Before we finally decided it's time to have our baby, me and my husband talked and talked numerous times weighing in considerations. Like what? Well, we had a difficult situation back then being apart due to work situation. Hubs had to come back to US after college and a year of work so from then on we were already separated. Married after 2yrs being apart then another long separation. It was really impossible for us to conceive by the time we got married since he had to fly a week after the wedding and considering we were just starting then, we thought best that it's better to adjust with the married life and have the baby later on when we are together. That alone had a blast of considerations. We believe that nothing can be and should be rushed and that God will provide when the right time comes. After almost another 2yrs apart, we finally reunited me having to migrate and leaving everything behind. Now as official husband and wife, practically still on the newlyweds stage.

Another obstacle for us in conceiving was his family responsibilities. Him being a first born has tons of responsibilities on his shoulders. Great financial deals at stake and we don't want having a baby in such a difficult situation. We want to be more than ready at least emotionally, physically and financially. Of course for us to be ready for our baby's needs, we can't just take those things forgranted. Steering clear with all those deals we finally decided it's time. We reached a point in our lives realizing how much we've been giving way to others. Having our own family, starting our lives became more of our focus. From there we started to take our paths to the next level. Having the determination and the will, we settled on conceiving our baby.

On Being A Mom

I had my fair share of being a mom with my favorite niece Elisse. She's the first baby in the family and truly the apple of the eye. Me being so so much into babies and kids took the initiative to nurse and take care of my brother's little angel on their absences. It wasn't easy but it was a lot of fun for me. The bonding moments I shared with her are still fresh in my mind up to now. She's not full time under my care so I can't really tell how hard it is to be a full-time mom. Not yet until our very own little angel comes out.

Being a mom is no joke. You have to know what you are doing and what to do when things go wrong. You can never compromise your baby's health or safety, that's a fact. So how is it really to be a mom? A question that I can't fully answer yet and will soon discover after few more months. This will be my first and I have to admit it scares me a bit knowing that I'm too far away from my family. Of course it's always my mom who can take care of me as I go throughout the pregnancy stage. But I have to be brave at least for me, my husband and most of all for our baby.

This is also the very reason why I decided to open this blog, part as my bestfriend's suggestion so she can always keep in touch with me and my entire pregnancy and even later on and to be in touch to all moms out there so I can be guided and be better prepared for everything.

Insight on Motherhood

It's never easy to be a mother it takes a toll of responsibilities, nurturing love, proper care and discipline to bear and raise your children. Sad to say not every woman succeeds in this "career" while others naturally embrace the pains and joys of motherhood.
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