Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

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I am a first time mom and together with my husband we have decided to breastfeed baby at least up to 2 years. We strongly believe that by doing this we can do so much for baby's health and development. As we all know breastfeeding has been known to be the best food for our baby but not all mothers have the opportunity to breastfeed their babies. Milk pumping can be good to ensure your baby still gets to drink your precious milk for busy working moms though not all again can do this all the time. Formula feeding is another means of keeping our babies nourished, these formulas are fortified with the necessary nutrient babies need to grow healthy too.

I have no objections or negative remarks with formula feeding because not all moms have the privilege to work from home like me. Formula feeding is generally fine because all formulas, brand and  store brand formula marketed all throughout US meet the same nutrient specifications to fulfill the needs of an infant. It doesn't matter whether it's a store brand or name brand, in fact there's a big difference when it comes to savings if mothers opt for the store brand formula. Store brand formulas are not heavily advertised compared to the brand formula therefore making it a lot cheaper than those well known brands.

Eventhough formulas are known to be safe to give to babies it's always a must to observe and see any adverse effects. Some babies can develop gastrointestinal discomfort and such so having a very close watch on the well being of every baby should be well observed. With this matter some formulas were recalled like Similac due to the possible presence of a small common beetle. One formula which is chocolate flavored also ignited a controversy among parents. Many objected for such product with the parents' notion that it encourages infants to chocolates right away.

No matter what we choose to give our babies to drink we just need to make sure it meets the nutritional values they need to grow strong and healthy.

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Baby Development @ 7 months

Here are the baby milestones @ 7 months: By the end of the month most babies should be able to:
  • Make wet razing sounds
  • Turn in the direction of a voice
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Imitate sounds
  • Distinguish emotions by the sound of your voice

My baby has been very active and he can actually pull himself up on his 7th month. He sits up really good and maneuvers pretty well from crawling to sitting and other positions. He also discovered blowing my tummy, legs or arms. He loves to do that whenever he gets near me. He easily recognizes my voice and knows when I am calling him.

No Heels For Mommies

It's a common scene to see famous people wear heels even when they are very much pregnant. I've seen actresses wear high heels even when they are carrying such big baby tummy already. It's not that it can't be worn but for precautionary measures it's better not to wear high heels to prevent tipping or losing balance.

As we all know every pregnant woman adds up weight and balance is somehow compromised with this. Wearing the right comfortable shoes can prevent any accidents. Say for an instance wearing rain shoes on a wet and rainy day can prevent slipping and give more traction on any slippery floor. Comfortable flats can also ease leg pain since much weight is concentrated on the lower body.

For all mommies-to-be out there, be careful and watch your footing to avoid fall.

Post Break: Teaching bike safety to my kids

My wife jokes about me acting more like a worrisome mother than she does, but I guess that's kind of the truth. However, there are worse things that I could be accused of. Right now the thing that I'm really trying ot teach my kids and stress with them is bike safety because they're constantly on their bikes in teh neighborhood.

We live in a pretty nice development so I don't worry too much about their safety in it, but I came up with an idea the ohter day. I went online with my clear 4g and looked at a map of the area and highlighted areas that they could ride their bikes in.

They've been asking to ride their bikes to meet their friends at different places, so I also highlighted where bike paths are that they should take on the map. Then after I got them to study it I rode my bike and showed them where these spots and routes were. I feel better about them riding their bikes around now, even though I still worry a little bit.

Guest post written by Harry Huffman

Disciplining Your Kids

Babies and toddlers are naturally curious. So it's wise to eliminate temptations and no-nos — items such as TVs and video equipment, stereos, jewelry, and especially cleaning supplies and medications should be kept well out of reach.

When your crawling baby or roving toddler heads toward an unacceptable or dangerous play object, calmly say "No" and either remove your child from the area or distract him or her with an appropriate activity.

Timeouts can be effective discipline for toddlers. A child who has been hitting, biting, or throwing food, for example, should be told why the behavior is unacceptable and taken to a designated timeout area — a kitchen chair or bottom stair — for a minute or two to calm down (longer timeouts are not effective for toddlers).

It's important to not spank, hit, or slap a child of any age. Babies and toddlers are especially unlikely to be able to make any connection between their behavior and physical punishment. They will only feel the pain of the hit.

And don't forget that kids learn by watching adults, particularly their parents. Make sure your behavior is role-model material. You'll make a much stronger impression by putting your own belongings away rather than just issuing orders to your child to pick up toys while your stuff is left strewn around.

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Post Break: Branson Vacation

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Fall is a great time to commune with nature, it offers cool breeze and fair weather and not to forget the added beauty of the colors all around. Leaves start to be colorful as ever giving more life to any landscape. Lake sides are best places to see beautiful reflections of the trees surrounding it with the calming breathe of air something you can't get in the city.

A trip to Missouri can be a good escape for the season. Something every family can enjoy. Explore the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park's beauty and immense with nature. The Fall in The City Package can be a great advantage for the trip. A wonderful weekend getaway at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, starting at $309.50 per night for two. Exploring out with nature doesn't mean you need to sacrifice comfort and convenience.

After the great adventure from the canyon we can enjoy a scrumptious dinner with the help of a $25 hotel food and beverage credit and see the Showboat Branson Belle, tickets are included in the Fall package. The fun won't stop there, the Silver Dollar City awaits with a free souvenir book. Two nights is all it takes to avail all the goodies for this package.

Every vacation has some serious shopping to do and what can be better than a Shopping Package. It's a less expensive package at $164 per night for the trip which includes accomodations, buffet breakfast for two and $25 gift card which can be used at any store in the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Everybody needs some space to breathe and relax for a while. It doesn't matter where as long as it's with someone dear to you.

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Post Break: San Diego Zoo

I know there is a debate over whether raising killer whales in captivity is the right or humane thing to do. After all, trainers get eaten by killer whales all the time, and it makes sense, given that the word "killer" is an adjective used to describe them. I certainly would not stick my hand in the kennel of a killer dog, or go to the movies with a professed serial killer. It just doesn't make sense, and by sense I mean both the common and spider variety. This is why SeaWorld in San Diego to me is not very child friendly. I prefer the San Diego Zoo and the calming, zen-like presence of elephants.

They say an elephant never forgets, but I assure you none of those memories involve the crippling of their trainer. Far from it. The elephants there are very amiable. The polar bears are also very kind, and not strung out on cola like the ones you see on the commercials. These polar bears seem almost lovable and not like the godless killing machines that infest our local aquariums. The zoo is wonderful place for both the children and the family, but this does not mean everywhere is safe. That's why when leaving for the zoo I always set my home security alarm(Adt packages here) to stun. Okay, I set it to contact the police, but it works all the same.

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

Taking A Break

It's important to have little breaks from mommyhood or daddyhood. This doesn't mean neglecting your kid and just doing your own thing. Although personal space is very important for anyone, doing family breaks is very ideal in keeping a healthy family life. Your kid will grow with more confidence and love in him. Having both parents by his side can contribute greatly to his development.

Having said this, try booking for a short family vacation by the beach. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, play with the waves, build sand castles and have fun out in the sun. These activities can strengthen the bond between parents and kids. Say for an instance check long beach listings and see options for long beach apartment for a more flexible family stay. Hotels are far more ideal weighing in the comforts compared to getting apartment for rent in long beach ca but this gives option gives you more freedom with your budget and activities you intend to do. Whatever works best for you and your family, make sure you enjoy every bit of it. That's more important than anything else.

Lemon Chicken For Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mom

This recipe is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and riboflavin, which are important during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Prep time: 20 minutes, including cook time


  • ½ c. bread crumbs
  • ½ c. egg alternative
  • ½ c. grated Romano cheese
  • 2 tsp. canola oil
  • ¼ c. white wine (see Notes)
  • juice of one lemon
  • 2 tsp. butter
  • 12 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breasts (4 "thin" breasts)


  1. Pound chicken breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap until they are about ¼" thick.
  2. Mix breadcrumbs with cheese in a shallow dish.
  3. Dredge chicken breasts in flour, and then dip in egg substitute, then into cheese-breadcrumb mixture to coat.
  4. Heat 1 tsp. butter in saucepan with canola oil.
  5. When butter starts to brown and oil is hot, place chicken breasts in pan and cook over medium-high heat for 2 minutes on each side until chicken is golden brown and thoroughly cooked. Chicken may need to be cooked in batches of two, depending on pan size.
  6. Remove chicken from pan and keep warm.
  7. Deglaze plan with white wine, lemon juice, and the additional 1 tsp. of butter.
  8. Pour sauce over chicken breasts and serve immediately.
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Post Break: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Ever since I was a little kid, about 7 years old, my grandparents would take me to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I remember my first game, we took a tour of the stadium early in the day and since that first time walking into the ballpark, I knew I would be coming back often. As I got older, I went every year; through high school, college and now that I'm married, my wife and I take our kids as well.

A day at the Fenway Park is like nothing else. The Fenway franks that make your mouth water as you walk by the vendors, the peanuts passing hands among friends and the sea of Red Sox memorabilia really stand out to me. When game time comes, there isn't an empty seat to be seen as the starting pitcher throws that first pitch. Home games are best when it comes down to the bottom of the ninth, and the home team steps up to the plate, driving in that game winning run.

As stressful as those close games can be, they really do make for some classic memories. My last resort, as it is impossible to make it to all 81 home games, is to watch the home team via satellite television from Baseball is by far my favorite sport to watch live, and nothing compares to being with friends and family at good old Fenway Park.

Contribution by Jacques Carr

Lactose Intolerance

For many kids, an ice cream sundae or a cool glass of milk at lunch means an afternoon of cramps, gas, and diarrhea.

Kids who have this kind of discomfort after consuming dairy products might have a lactose intolerance, which is caused by problems digesting lactose, the main sugar in milk and milk products.

Lactose intolerance occurs when the body makes too little of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to break down lactose into two smaller sugars called glucose and galactose. When there's not enough lactase in the body, lactose doesn't get broken down in the small intestine, and it passes into the large intestine where bacteria ferment it into gases and acids. This process can cause cramps, abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhea about 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming any foods or drinks that contain lactose.

For some kids, these symptoms are very severe and their systems can't tolerate any lactose. For others, the symptoms are milder and they just have to limit the amount of dairy products they consume.

Lactose intolerance can be managed — and the stomach discomfort can be reduced — with some modifications to the diet. If you suspect that your child has a lactose intolerance, notify your doctor.

Post Break: It Is Fun To Move

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Quality time is very important and it's hard to have so much of this once you have a baby at home. The baby will require so much attention and care and there's no excuse not to attend to him or her. As the baby grows, there will be more fun things to do that can serve as a family fun time together. But for every couple it doesn't mean they have to wait for the baby to grow before they can spend some fun time together.

The new PlayStation®Move can be something fun and entertaining for new moms and dads who want to spend some quality time together when taking breaks from babysitting. Move and get on the groove with the new revolution of motion gaming experience. This may be the perfect time to upgrade PlayStation®3 system for only $99 with the MOVE bundle package to be able to enjoy motion gaming right at home. With the new PlayStation®Move, sports can be enjoyed anytime of the day without having to leave for outdoors. I'm so excited having my hands again to play some serious bowling but this time around right in our living room.

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Baby Safety - Playpens

These high-sided, enclosed play areas are popular because they allow parents to put their baby down with the knowledge that their little one can't wander off. However, playpens are no substitute for adult supervision — never leave a child unattended in a playpen.

What to look for:

  • If the playpen has mesh sides, the holes in the mesh should be no larger than ¼ inch (0.6 centimeter) to keep small fingers from getting caught. The mesh should be securely attached.
  • The sides should be at least 20 inches (51 centimeters) high, measured from the floor of the playpen.
  • If the playpen is wooden, the slat spaces should be no more than 2-3/8 inches (5.08 centimeters) in width.
  • Look for padding on the tops of the rails to protect your baby from bumps.
  • The locks that allow you to lower a side should be out of your baby's reach.
  • Make sure the playpen has well-protected hinges and supports.
  • Look for a playpen with top rails that automatically lock when lifted into the normal position.
  • Examine the floor of a used playpen for wear and tear.


  • Never leave a baby in a mesh playpen with the side lowered. The baby could get trapped between the mesh side and the floorboard. Because of the danger of suffocation, only one floor pad should be used and soft bedding should be avoided in the playpen at all times.
  • Show babysitters and other caregivers how to correctly set up the playpen.
  • Always put your baby to sleep on his or her back.
  • Stop using the playpen when your child can easily climb out — when he or she reaches a height of 34 inches (86 centimeters) or weighs 30 pounds (14 kilograms).
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Post Break: Time with my son

The years have gone by way too fast. It doesn't seem like forty years have passed since I brought my firstborn son home from the hospital. It doesn't seem possible that he has made me a grandmother of three teenagers. My two younger children are still in their twenties and I still see them on a very regular basis, but it was not the same case with my oldest. He had responsibilities that took priority, like his family and career.

My very wise daughter-in-law must have realized he was missing his mama just as much as his mama was missing him. She bought us each a booklet of coupons. There were twelve total, and one could be used each month at the local golf course. At first, I didn't understand this. I had no interest in the game whatsoever, nor did my son to my knowledge.

Did I mention my daughter-in-law is wise? She knew that we needed time together. Not just an hour here and there, but several hours where it was just the two of us. We would plan that daily outing with care each month. I would set the security alarm from adt security company for my home and off I would go. We always picked a day that wasn't popular with the majority of other golfers. This way, we weren't rushed and we could enjoy each moment of our time together. My daughter-in-law gave me the most precious gift she could, and I thank her quite often for it.

Written by Fermin Washington

Baby Development @ 6 months

Here are the baby milestones @ 6 months: By the end of the month most babies should be able to:
  • Keep head level when held in a sitting position
  • Make some vowel-consonant sounds
  • Sit with minimal support
  • Open mouth for a spoon
  • Reach for and grab objects
  • Roll over and back again
  • Drink from a cup with help
  • Hold a baby bottle
  • Copy some facial expressions

My baby's finally talking...oh well blabbing words =) He can sit up really good for long time and he started exploring sitting up from laying down position on his own with a little help and guidance from mommy. He enjoys his feeding time and behaves good enough during feeding. Very good in reaching and getting things with his little fingers, good grip I'd say. I can no longer leave him in one spot because he loves to roll here and there. He's such a darling and I'm so proud of him! Ooops, not to forget... he's got his first tooth already!

Post Break: Movie Night With My Wife

I just started my retirement as of a few months ago and already I love it! Since I have all this free time now, I’m finally able to relax with my wife and do the things we used to do together before life got so busy—like go for a walk through the neighborhood or sit at home on a week night and watch a movie together on the couch.

In fact, we’ve instituted a weekly movie night to make sure we’re able to spend that quality time together each week. Last week, we watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie—which was great.

There was only one bad part, though—I had a bit of trouble hearing the TV. My wife turned up the volume, but I needed it even louder. She suggested I look into getting miracle ear hearing aids if it was really that bad.

I was a little reluctant because I didn’t think there was anything really wrong with my hearing, but I went anyway. In retrospect, I’m so glad I did—it turns out my hearing was definitely not up to par. And, well, now that I’ve got my hearing aids, I’m looking forward to our movie night even more!

Guest post written by Alex Wharton

Post Break: Knitting is great!

Knitting is a hobby that I have had for many years. I have actually managed to create many wonderful things for my family and friends, as well as things to sell at garage, yard, and sales that are in the neighborhood. My direct tv clear 4g internet bundles has absolutely been the best way that I have been able to sell my items without having to go through the hassle of going door to door, or making flyers, and also allowed me to get more supplies and information about knitting.

By selling my wares on-line I have increased the amount of items that I create because I now have orders for them on a daily basis, instead of having to push myself to go out and sell them all the time. People found the webpage that I created and now simply leave me notes or tips on what they want me to create or designs they think would be interesting. It has boosted my sales and my happiness.

I started knitting when I was just a child and ended up learning more in many different areas on how to be a better knitter. My friends and family have noticed that my skill has increased, as well as my productivity and creativity. I can indulge in my favorite thing to do in many more ways then I originally thought possible and wouldn't have it any other way.

Posted by Hyman Weeks

When Can My Baby Start Eating Solid Foods?

Wait a bit longer. Most babies are ready to start eating solid foods when they're between 4 to 6 months old. Why? Because in order to eat solid foods, an infant needs good head and neck control and should be able to sit up. Your son may not be able to do these things until he's 4 to 6 months old. Before this age, you may notice that he pushes the food out of his mouth just as quickly as you put it in. Babies start to lose this natural tongue-thrusting reflex around this time, which will make it easier for him to start eating solid foods.

And don't worry about not introducing new foods early enough. During a baby's first 6 months, water, juice, and solid foods are usually unnecessary. Up until this point, breast milk or formula provides everything babies need nutritionally.

When you begin to introduce foods to your baby, start with a single-grain baby cereal (iron-fortified rice cereal is usually the best choice) on a spoon before moving on to pureed fruits and vegetables. Introduce only one new food at a time and wait several days before starting another. This will give you a chance to see if your baby is allergic to the new food.

Also, it may take several tries before your child starts to enjoy a new food so don't give up after the first or second attempt if he doesn't seem to like it.

c/o kidshealth

Post Break: The Road To Independence

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a caregiver most especially to disabled people is not an easy job. There are certain cases when newly disabled people feel depressed, have low self esteem or just simply feels like they are of no use anymore and a burden to anybody. These are some cases that caregivers face and deal with but these people are way too dedicated to overcome such whims and rejection from the people they care for.

NMEDA, a non-profit trade association cares as much as those dedicated caregivers for all the disabled people. It aims to help educate disabled people pave their way to independence through educating them on buying products that promote safe driving and equipment. This way disabled people can be confident being out and about in their wheelchairs just like any independent normal individual.

Take note that NMEDA doesn't sell anything, it has dealers who are certified to carry approved products which adhere to the safety standards for the National Highway Transit Safety Administration. It also has Quality Assurance Program that is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. You can trust that the NMEDA dealers pass the QAP standards, this is their dedication to help bring you back mobility.

Help bring back independence to the elderly and disabled people, feel free to check the NMEDA site to see the nearest dealer in your area.

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Post Break: Anticipating Our Travel

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My friends are anticipating our much awaited visit back home together with baby. Me and hubs also can't wait for that time to come, it's been almost two years since I left and haven't been back eversince. We're planning on bringing baby to the Philippines to meet the rest of my family and also to take the chance to relax for a little vacation. It's been so stressful here and we want to just take a little time off and enjoy the time with baby. It's important that baby has some good memories to remember as he grows and this experience will play a good role in shaping his overall development.

We're considering going to Cebu since my husband hasn't been there and it's a great place to go. We can get lots of souvenirs there and also try all the delicious specialties Cebu has to offer. Oh how much we miss authentic Filipino dishes! By that time baby can also try some of the foods since he'll be about a year old already.

At first I was thinking of staying in Plantation Bay Resort but the price is just too heavy for a big group so Hampton Hotel will be a great place to stay. Another perk for us is being a AAA member, we are entitled for discount there. To top that off it is sponsoring Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes which can entitle you to win a weekend stay with your friends. I better try my luck and see if we can ultimately enjoy a great vacation with free hotel stay.

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Toy For My Boy

Introducing toys to babies is a good way to stimulate their development. It is advisable to know the proper toys to give according to their age. This way you'll get to see and observe also their development. Getting bright colored toys can also help with their visual recognition. Just like this rattle ball that I got for baby, the holes are great in helping baby practice his grabbing skills. and coordination. At certain age babies will use their fingers to grip things and small grabable toys are just perfect for them. The sound of the rattle is good for his hearing and can promote alertness too. It is also recommended to give one toy at a time so baby can explore, learn and appreciate it more.

Post Break: On Boost Mobile Packages

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Facebook has taken over the web but I'm one of those who's not very actively updating my profile. Most of my friends and even my sister's been asking me to upload more photos of my cutie little boy and up to now I haven't put anything new there. Even my profile wall is boring as ever.

Perhaps I should consider Boost Mobile to help me get connected better with my friends and relatives. Though I am more used to updating my social networks through the laptop or pc, it might be a lot more convenient when you can access the social media through your mobile. Since my hands are full juggling work, housechores and mommy duty this looks like a better option for me without having to sit infront the laptop or pc to make updates. I can be just right beside or even holding my baby and can still leisurely work on my facebook updates.

Speaking of phones, boost has great deals and packages for Blackberry for only $60 per month including unlimited nationwide talk, text, web and email. For Motorola i1 it's $50 per month for unlimited nationwide talk, text, web and email including unlimited 411, im and email. Pretty good prices for unlimited web packages plus cool phones with qwerty keypad, powered by android and wi-fi ready. Just like any other phone subscriptions payment system is easy with the Re-Boost system. Payments can be done in three ways, online, in person or by phone. It's a free option whether you like to go to a re-boost center to pay or simply set up a worry-free automatic payments every month, do a one time payment for the entire year. Get connected with less worries, you can get in touch with everybody anytime of the day all with the use of the handy dandy phones.

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Post Break: My Babies Arrival

Finding out I was pregnant was scary and exciting at the same time. I had no clue on how to take care of a newborn life. I wanted to find out as much information as I could. Since I have no transportation to get to the library and read books, I decided to go online via my clear internet. I was able to locate a lot of information on what changes my body is going through while i am pregnant.

Again, since I do not have transportation I did all of my shopping online for my new baby. I was even able to purchase diapers, wipes and bottles. I got name suggestions also online. Being able to shop online for my new baby is great and I don't even have to leave the comfort of my own home. I have everything I need for my babies nursery all the way down to the curtains. It is getting closer to my due date and I am fully prepared and have everything I need thanks to the convenience of online shopping.

Guest post written by my buddy Bertie Graham

Post Break: Please And Thank You

I remember when etiquette was something every child was taught. That definitely isn’t the norm now. I don’t mean that everyone should have to learn how to walk with a book balanced on their head, but there are certain things that come in handy knowing at times you least expect them, like writing a thank you card or using the right fork to eat your salad.

That’s why I volunteered to teach an etiquette class at our local community center. We just finished up our last class, as it was offered only in the summer, but I think that I’ll probably do it again next year. Most of my attendees were girls, but there were a few boys that looked like they weren’t enjoying it but were very polite and well behaved anyway.

But one thing that I learned this summer was that I need hearing aids North Carolina. I had a lot of trouble hearing the children speak and ask me questions so I made an appointment at one of free hearing test locations to take later this week.

I expect that my class will be a little larger next summer and that I’ll be able to address my hearing loss so I can be a better teacher.

Guest post written by Annie Smathers

Preparing for a new addition

When I first found out I was expecting as exciting as it was, it was very overwhelming. Being my first pregnancy I had no idea what I needed, what to expect, then there was the name. I would get home from work in the evening and fire up the laptop, turn on the clear internet 4G and get to researching.

My first thought was to find a pregnancy tracker, that way I knew what to expect from my body and what types of questions to ask the doctor. I could also get an idea of what was going on with the little one and where she was in the developmental stages. Knowing what will be going on with the body was great for my piece of mind. also helped me come up with questions for my caregiver, and asking educated questions is the best way to get the specific answer you're looking for.

You can also find all the furniture, clothing, and accessories needed for the little one online as well. This is extremely helpful in the later stages of pregnancy when maybe you don't feel like going out in the elements and shopping. You can get reviews online to products you may purchase, so you know what is truly the best of the best. You'll truly feel better knowing it's all at your finger tips.

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

Post Break: West Virginia Mountaineers

One of my favorite times of the year is when the West Virginia Mountaineers start their football season. My dad was a huge fan of the team even before I was born. I'm 40 years old now, and he is still as passionate as ever about them. Growing up, college football was as much a part of our family as holidays and family reunions. My dad taught me everything there was to know about the sport and it has developed into a very special father/daughter time for us.

When Rich Rodriguez left as head coach a couple of years ago, I was extremely disappointed because he was only the second coach I've ever known for the team for all the years I had been watching their games. Bill Stewart quickly took my disappointment away though! He has proven himself to be a great replacement and just what the Mountaineers need.

I am so looking forward to this next season. We already know the Mountaineers will be in a Bowl Game, and hopefully this is the year that we can watch them take the national championship for the first time ever. I just bought a new big screen TV, and to watch them finally win on my satellite dish tv would be the best gift this Mountaineer fan could have this year. Well, that and beating Pitt again!

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

Post Break: Babies And Puppies

We all know that having a baby is quite expensive but same goes with puppies. Yes, it's almost like having another baby at home. Both have to be immunized, nursed and be given vitamins. It's even funny to think that they almost have the same looking toys. No wonder why some people who prefer not to have a child would rather have a puppy.

I know this is a blog for motherhood but this time I'm writing about Nylabone. Nylabone Nubz are edible dental dog chews made of highly digestible natural ingredients and no preservatives which dogs will love. It is vet-recommended citing that it can help clean the teeth, freshen breath, reduce tartar and promote healthier gums. It's guaranteed safe and made in USA, available in your favorite Costco center. Check out the Costco monthly coupon book and grab some goodies for your puppies with a great coupon value of $3.50 valid from August 19th-September 12th.

Why Read to My Baby?

You may wonder about the benefits of reading to your baby. An infant won't understand everything you're doing or why. But you wouldn't wait until your child could understand what you were saying before you started speaking to him or her, right? And you wouldn't bypass lullabies until your baby could carry a tune or wait until he or she could shake a rattle before you offered any toys.

Reading aloud to your baby is a wonderful shared activity you can continue for years to come — and it's an important form of stimulation.

Reading aloud:

  • teaches a baby about communication
  • introduces concepts such as stories, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way
  • builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills
  • gives babies information about the world around them

Believe it or not, by the time babies reach their first birthday they will have learned all the sounds needed to speak their native language. The more stories you read aloud, the more words your child will be exposed to and the better he or she will be able to talk. Hearing words helps to build a rich network of words in a baby's brain. Kids whose parents frequently talk/read to them know more words by age 2 than children who have not been read to. And kids who are read to during their early years are more likely to learn to read at the right time.

When reading, your child hears you using many different emotions and expressive sounds, which fosters social and emotional development. Reading also invites your baby to look, point, touch, and answer questions — all of which promote social development and thinking skills. And your baby improves language skills by imitating sounds, recognizing pictures, and learning words.

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Post Break: Insulating your attic

After purchasing my home, I quickly found that I was losing a lot of heat from my house. Therefore, I went on a mission to find out where heat and cooling sears was at. The problem I found was Poor insulation in the attic. It seems most homes, old and new alike, have very little insulation in the attic. This in turn allows much of your heat to be released directly through your roof.

If you are not sure as to whether you need to add insulation to you attic, simply consult a hardware store. The insulation area of the store will usually have a chart depicting just how much insulation you should have for your location. Then, simply put your tape measure into the insulation that you do have in your attic and see if it measures up. I'm willing to guess it will not be what is recommended. If that is the case, the solution is simple.

You simply need to calculate and purchase the amount needed. After doing so, you just need to have it blown into the attic. It requires a machine that you can rent to blow it into the attic. If at all possible I suggest doing this project with a helper to feed the machine with insulation for you. Then, just pretend you are a fireman and blow the insulation equally across your attic!

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

Baby Development @ 5 months

Here are the baby milestones @ 5 months: By the end of the month most babies should be able to:
  • Pay attention to small objects
  • Experiment with the concept of cause and effect
  • See across the room
  • Begin using hands in a raking fashion to bring toys near
  • Begin teething

Baby J explores more with his fingers and coordination. He loves to roll around and started working on his crawl. He already can hold up sitting up straight for a short period of time. He's also very smart and observant, he knows how to look for me and locate me. He grabs his toys with his fingers and can toss it from left to right and the other way around. As for his teething, he's starting to have swollen gums but good thing he's not being so fussy at all.

Post Break: Project Runway: High Fashion is Better in HD

I love having the best hd tv provider, and my favorite show to watch in HD is Project Runway. Project Runway is a show where budding fashion designers compete for money to launch their own clothing line. Every Thursday night, you'll find me tuning my satellite tv to Lifetime to watch Project Runway in HD.

Watching Project Runway in HD enhances the viewing experience. With HD, I can see the intricate details of every design that goes down the runway. HD also allows me to see every little mistake that the designers make, from a crooked seam to a hanging thread. I get a better view of the models' walks and the judges' facial expressions. I can also see just what the designers are doing in the work room to create their looks. All of these details add to the drama of finding out who is "in" and who is "out" every week. I'm always on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out who wins and who gets sent home. When it comes to drama and high fashion, Project Runway never fails to disappoint.

Project Runway features some of the most talented new designers in fashion, along with some of the hottest outfits and most beautiful models. But if you're going to watch Project Runway, you have to watch in HD. There's no other way!

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

Immunization Schedules - 4mos

4 months

  • DTaP
  • Hib
  • IPV
  • PCV
  • Rota

Post Break: Using the Internet to Buy a Car

I was in desperate need of a car so I decided to start my search online. I used my satellite internet in Montana to help me with everything from researching different cars to finding the right dealer. There were so many sites that were able to help me with my car search. I started in a search engine looking for safe family sedans. I needed a four door vehicle that was safe for me and my family. I narrowed down my decision to a few different cars based on safety features and price.

I was able to actually contact the dealer to make an appointment to see the car in person instead of chatting using rural internet providers. I was able to go to the dealership and test drive the vehicle before I actually purchased it. This was great because I was able to get the feel of a few different cars to see which is the best for me. I was also able to actually see the backseat to see if a car seat would fit leaving enough space.

After much research and thinking I was able to pull out of the lot with a brand new car. I now own a very safe family friendly vehicle thanks to the trusted sites and reviews that I found online using wireless internet providers.

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

Baby Development @ 4 months

Here are the baby milestones @ 4 months: By the end of the month most babies should be able to:
  • Sleep about six hours at night before waking (total sleep typically 14 to 17 hours)
  • Roll over (usually stomach to back is first)
  • Sit with support
  • Lift head up 90 degrees
  • Follow a moving object for a 180-degree arc
  • Babble and amuse him or herself with new noises
  • Respond to all colors and shades
  • Recognize a baby bottle or breast
  • Explore objects with mouth
  • Communicate fear, pain, loneliness, and discomfort through crying
  • Respond to a rattle or bell

He's developing so good and I am so happy that all the guides and books I am reading make perfect sense when it comes to my baby's growth. Since his 4th month, baby's fond of holding and feeling the breasts whenever he's feeding. But I am so watchful when it comes to things around him because he's so fond of putting everything into his mouth too. He can communicate better with us to let us know if he want me or daddy or if wishes to sleep, feed or play. He can even dictate where in the house he would want to be.

Post Break: Better With Steel

We don't like so much plastics in our home most especially we have a little baby here. Even with his toys and other things we prefer to get wood and avoid those plastics. Though we're not being too picky not letting him have some plastic things, it's inevitable and also practical in some way.

Right now we have no choice but to settle with whatever we have here in the apartment. As much as we want to redecorate and get new things, we're trying to avoid getting much clutter here and there having so many things around. Definitely once we have purchased our own place that's when we will get all other things we like.

Having said this, I'm eyeing on getting more steel items in time. Aesthetically speaking I like it and of course I still want to have a balance of wood in our home too. Perhaps with things inclined for "hot" use I prefer to get blomus stainless steel fireplace set & blomus stainless steel firepit . Maybe accompany it with blomus stainless steel teaset for a perfect match. There are just things I find better with steel.

Post Break: Even Mommies Can Still Study

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine.

I do believe that education is important that's why I did my best to finish my studies and worked for my professional license even after getting married. I was able to fulfill my dreams and achieved a milestone in my career. Even if I migrated here I still work and do the things that I love to do.

There are many cases of teen pregnancy these days and obviously they are still in school. It would be nice if they still continue and finish their schooling despite having a baby. Despite having a baby means great responsibility, this shouldn't stop them from finishing up their goals. There are ways to continue education even at the comfort of home.

Education for some people extends even after college. Some pursue Masters Degree to step a level higher from their finished studies. This can be done through the traditional schooling or online. Studying online isn't a bad idea since you can be more flexible with your time. It's a very convenient way of extending your education without getting into much compromises. This is what USC Rossier School of Education offers for those who are aspiring to earn Master of Arts in teaching degree. Accelerated programs which can be completed within 12 months period are available with great tuition reimbursement program and scholarships. See MAT@USC program information for more details to be a part of the elite USC Trojan family.

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Does Hair Loss Scare You?

I am one of those who goes nuts when I see so much hair shedding from my crowning glory. Though I know it's normal to shed about 100 strands per day, I still can't feel so comfortable about my hair fall. The whole time I was pregnant there were many changes in my hair like falling so much this month and so glossy and shiny the next. Crazy huh? Now after giving birth and continuously nursing, I am experiencing falling hair and I admit that there are days when I feel alarmed even if I don't have to be.

Here's an article about Hair Loss which I lifted from Yahoo that I stumbled upon one day. May this serve as a guide for all mom / women out there.

When it’s just strange: “Losing about 100 hairs throughout the day is normal,” says Jeffrey Garber, MD, president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Even substantial thinning (think hundreds of hairs a day, possibly in clumps) is nothing to worry about if you’re currently going through hormonal changes. For example, if you’ve recently stopped using hormonal birth control, had a miscarriage or had a baby, hair loss is likely just the result of your body readjusting. Your tresses should return to their former glory within three to four months. It’s also normal for hair texture to change due to hormones, which means you don’t need to worry following a pregnancy if your curly hair no longer needs to be tamed with a flat iron or your once-dry hair seems magically moisturized.

When it’s a warning sign: Not sure if the shedding is excessive? Try the “pull test,” says Dr. Garber: “Carefully grasp a small section and lightly tug to see how many hairs will come out.” Losing more than five telogen hairs, the ones with the root attached, is cause for concern, he says. Unless you can pinpoint an obvious hormonal cause (as mentioned above), call your doctor.

Your physician will examine your scalp and may suggest blood tests to figure out exactly what’s going on. “Deficiencies of zinc, iron or biotin [a B vitamin] can all cause hair loss, as can an under- or over-active thyroid,” says Dr. Garber.

You should also check in with your doctor if your hair texture has changed and a new baby isn’t in the picture. “Patients often notice texture changes during times of unusual stress or following a serious illness,” or your iron levels could simply be low, explains Dr. Scola.

Post Break: Our Little Outing

When I was pregnant me and my husband had a chance to look after the house of his officemate when she had to go for a family golf outing. It was the first time my husband was ever exposed to golfing when we stayed over her place for a while. She had a putting set laid on the carpet by the living room and had the vcr auto record the golf channel while she was away. We didn't want to interrupt the recording so we just watched whatever was being shown, golf.

We can call that house-sitting experience as our little outing. It was during the mid of very hot summer and having to go there to her place was kind of relaxing for us. My husband enjoyed putting and even said we'll have to go golfing in the future. I was happy because I personally enjoy playing golf, not the professional golf but just a fun golf-putting course. Whenever we pass by the golfland since after that I kept asking my husband if we can play. Just taking my chances but honestly it would be too hot for me most especially I was pregnant that time.

Now it's summertime once again and thank God it's not as scorching hot as before. We're looking forward having more little family outing with our baby. Though the nearest beach we can go to is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, that can be a good start to get baby acquainted with the sea and sand. We can enjoy fishing there by the wharf or enjoy the amusement park. Perhaps later on we can go farther and fly to the other coast and see where among in Myrtle Beach best hotels can we settle. Staying in Myrtle Beach hotel is quite convenient having it just right by the beach and also near golf courses. I still need to see what other activities our whole family can enjoy there night and day. It would be ideal to go through and see all other things Myrtle has to offer.

Baby Planning

It's true that I've always wanted to have a baby so as my husband but we had to plan things out good before conceiving another life in this world. After getting married we decided not to have a baby just yet so we can adjust and enjoy each other and be more prepared for a family addition. We also want to be more stable financially so we can assure providing everything for our baby.

We had a lot of deals before we finally decided it's time. We were helping out my husband's parents with construction renovations and finishing of their place and saved up for their flight tickets back here. It was a very tough ride but we managed to do what we had to do. We had to use up all our savings, resources and even get cash advances from our credit cards. It was our last resort to get that much funds needed. We were looking through online credit repair services to figure out how to repair your bad credit through DSI Solutions.

It took time to finish off our debts but we made it, we sailed through the rough tides. Little by little we paid everything we owed. After being debt free we knew that we are on our way to better financial stage and can further support if we'll have a baby. Soon after we decided that it's a bout time for us to focus on our own lives and start a family. We've been married for almost 3yrs and we felt like we're ready to take our marriage to the next level.

Post Break: Our Collection

Money collection has been our passion. We collect paper bills and coins of any denomination gold or silver and of different countries. We find pleasure seeing all our gathered collections and putting it all in a special album.

It's good to have some coin album collection because we can even give to some friends as a gift. The value seems more than how much it's really worth because they know it's part of our collection.

Wholesale coins and more has great variety of collectible coins at the right price. A leader in coin industry since 1975 specializing in coins sale, paper bills, commemoratives and proof sets. Items are always in stock so no need to worry about waiting for items to be available for purchase.

Post Break: The Gold Investment

We watched the movie "Three Kings" few weeks back and it's story about the gulf war and the three soldiers who were noted as the three kings in their own sense. They went out for a special non-military operation after recovering a map from a local to find the gold in one of those secrets bases. They succeeded in their mission but faced some serious troubles along the way.

As we all know gold is such a precious metal and it's a good form of investment. Gold is used for coinage since the earlier time and made into bullion. A gold bullion has a significant value, it can cost a lot to buy gold bullion. That's why there are some people who buy bullion as a means of investment. This is very ideal for parents who want to invest for their kids' future. Gold coins gain has a special gold savings plan for kids, something that every parent would want to ensure a secure future for his kids and entire family.

A Safe Hone For Baby

We don't live in a big place, just a simple old apartment and nothing fancy. We have yet to buy our house so for the meantime we'll just be settled where we live now. The apartment might be old and outdated but we love the safe neighborhood. Hubs doesn't even need to worry whenever me and baby stroll outside.

Keeping a safe home for baby is a must. Baby has to live in a place where he can be carefree. It's advisable to baby proof homes to ensure baby's safety. Basic safety measures must also be observed like keeping away all poisonous liquids away in a place where baby cannot reach. Doors should be shut or provided with door stoppers, same with windows and cabinets or drawers. Safety gates and fences are ideal to avoid baby from going to the stairs or kitchen where it is very dangerous for him to be wandering alone. Smoke detector is also another thing you can put at home.

We are hoping to buy our very first home here soon. The market is good for first time home buyers and we want to take that opportunity. It would be nice to see our little boy growing in a more familiar place which we can call ours where he can freely play around and explore. Once we get our hands to this goal it will be time to look for home security system. Reviewing consumer reports from before getting such service is something I have to research about. Baby safety isn't just all about baby proofing but also making sure the entire home is safe and secured.

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