Family Travel Time

Having a baby surely is an excuse to travel around due to the inconvenience of moving and transporting.  This is absolutely acceptable most especially during the earlier months of the baby but there's really no big threat on babies to be traveling around even on such early age.  Starting with shorter travels can be an ideal family travel time instead of long tiring roadtrips.  Flying is way more feasible to support baby's needs with the added comfort of the facilities they can use on board.

Going to Canada for instance can be a great trip destination for the entire family.  There are so much to see and explore there even if the main destination is Calgary.  There are a lot of downtown calgary apartments conveniently located within the metro which can house tourists looking for a places to stay.  The downtown is within reach to shopping, dining and other recreational activities the family can enjoy.

Take the kids to the nearby museum or go to the Devonian gardens for an urban garden adventure.  If looking for tasty treats and fine souvenirs, the Chinatown is a definite place to go to.  Parks are always fun and kids never seize to resist its charm.  Simple places but good enough to keep the whole family entertained provided all the comfort of carrying a baby around.  No marathons here and there to see far reach places, in downtown Calgary there are so many places to see.

Practical Spending With Tracfone

This post brought to you by TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer's the time when the whole family gets the chance to be together since school is off.  Sometimes kids have to go to summer camps or stay over somebody else's place, finding the need to get easier contact with them is very important for parents.  This kind of gives parents a breather knowing they can easily check their kids. 

Tracfone offers reasonable value for your budget for your kids' cell phone needs.  You won't be tied with any contract and miscellaneous charges, you only pay for genuine mobile service you need.  Easy activation without any charges and when you feel like there's no need to continue with the service, deactivation is also free.  You and your kids can choose from different cell phone brands like Nokia, Motorola, LG, Kyocera and Samsung for as low as $10 (basic phones) to $30 (feature phones).

Real TracFone customers are so happy with the economical service deals they availed.  For as low as $9.99 you can already have 50 minutes and up to 200 minutes for under $30.00.  No binding contract plan needed to get the monthly plan you desire, it's conveniently available pay-as-you-go.  But if you are thinking for a year long plan without having to worry about monthly refills simply purchase the $119.00 value to even double your minutes.

So many features for an affordable service!  Not to forget Tracfone's International neighbors program for those who love to travel in Mexico or Canada. Want to know more?  Check out the videos below for more information on the features and to hear what Tracfone Customers have to say.


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Mommy Time

Having intimate mommy time strengthens the bond of mommy and baby. Baby gets more connected with mommy making communication between them easier. They get to develop special fun activities which stimulates baby's skills. Of course daddy time is equally important though during the infancy stage babies tend to seek for the motherly care more. Babies will only be babies for a short period of time, you'll never notice how fast time will fly only for you to realize they all have grown. Enjoy the most time with your babies, they will grow up remembering such precious times you've shared.

Precious Moments For Keeps

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.

Precious moments come and go that's why I take all the time in the world to document my little boy's moments since the time he was born. Keeping digital images is so convenient now and as long as I have computer backup for all the images I've taken, I can always come back to it to view or have it printed anytime I want.  I have encountered accidental hard drive formatting, bad sector and my hard drive simply crashed and lost everything before.  I wouldn't want to happen that anymore so I make sure I have several backup files.

Since we have images from time to time making a backup copy seems to be a little inconvenient that's why we are planning to have a server station which will automatically backup the files.  Almost the same concept as Carbonite, it automatically does backup works whenever the computer's connected online.  Though it doesn't backup software programs, and files saved on external hard drive, all the files the system has backed up can be accessed anywhere and anytime.  You may use your PC, MAC or even your smartphones and iPads as long as you ahve the free Carbonite app installed.

Carbonite Online Backup

Why worry over your files being lost if you can securely and automatically back it up with Carbonite?  For as much as $59 a year, guaranteed your files get unlimited backup with anytime and anywhere access.  Check out if this system can work for you, visit Carbonite's site and get to try their 15 days free trial offer.  If you feel like purchasing their service simply mention the offer code BLOGAD to get two months free.

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