Post Break: Getting the Kids Prepped

This winter, I enrolled my two boys in a youth basketball league. They expressed in interest in wanted to play for a little while now, and I decided that joining a team sport would do a lot to help build character and teamwork skills. Additionally, it could be a hobby that they want to take with them throughout their young lives. They've really done a good job since the league started. They both store several baskets per game, and it's really exciting to see them in action. They might just be the next two superstars in another 10 years or so. You never can tell.

I always try and do everything to ensure those two boys are well off. At home, I'm having some new Sears double pane windows installed to help keep their room a little warmer this winter. Additionally, I still take the boys to their Boy Scouts meetings, as well. I want to do everything I can to ensure that these guys get a lot of great character building experiences at a young age. It's a competitive world, and I want to make sure they're ready when the time comes!

Guest post written by Pat Benson

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