Baby Development @ 4 months

Here are the baby milestones @ 4 months: By the end of the month most babies should be able to:
  • Sleep about six hours at night before waking (total sleep typically 14 to 17 hours)
  • Roll over (usually stomach to back is first)
  • Sit with support
  • Lift head up 90 degrees
  • Follow a moving object for a 180-degree arc
  • Babble and amuse him or herself with new noises
  • Respond to all colors and shades
  • Recognize a baby bottle or breast
  • Explore objects with mouth
  • Communicate fear, pain, loneliness, and discomfort through crying
  • Respond to a rattle or bell

He's developing so good and I am so happy that all the guides and books I am reading make perfect sense when it comes to my baby's growth. Since his 4th month, baby's fond of holding and feeling the breasts whenever he's feeding. But I am so watchful when it comes to things around him because he's so fond of putting everything into his mouth too. He can communicate better with us to let us know if he want me or daddy or if wishes to sleep, feed or play. He can even dictate where in the house he would want to be.

Post Break: Better With Steel

We don't like so much plastics in our home most especially we have a little baby here. Even with his toys and other things we prefer to get wood and avoid those plastics. Though we're not being too picky not letting him have some plastic things, it's inevitable and also practical in some way.

Right now we have no choice but to settle with whatever we have here in the apartment. As much as we want to redecorate and get new things, we're trying to avoid getting much clutter here and there having so many things around. Definitely once we have purchased our own place that's when we will get all other things we like.

Having said this, I'm eyeing on getting more steel items in time. Aesthetically speaking I like it and of course I still want to have a balance of wood in our home too. Perhaps with things inclined for "hot" use I prefer to get blomus stainless steel fireplace set & blomus stainless steel firepit . Maybe accompany it with blomus stainless steel teaset for a perfect match. There are just things I find better with steel.

Post Break: Even Mommies Can Still Study

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine.

I do believe that education is important that's why I did my best to finish my studies and worked for my professional license even after getting married. I was able to fulfill my dreams and achieved a milestone in my career. Even if I migrated here I still work and do the things that I love to do.

There are many cases of teen pregnancy these days and obviously they are still in school. It would be nice if they still continue and finish their schooling despite having a baby. Despite having a baby means great responsibility, this shouldn't stop them from finishing up their goals. There are ways to continue education even at the comfort of home.

Education for some people extends even after college. Some pursue Masters Degree to step a level higher from their finished studies. This can be done through the traditional schooling or online. Studying online isn't a bad idea since you can be more flexible with your time. It's a very convenient way of extending your education without getting into much compromises. This is what USC Rossier School of Education offers for those who are aspiring to earn Master of Arts in teaching degree. Accelerated programs which can be completed within 12 months period are available with great tuition reimbursement program and scholarships. See MAT@USC program information for more details to be a part of the elite USC Trojan family.

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Does Hair Loss Scare You?

I am one of those who goes nuts when I see so much hair shedding from my crowning glory. Though I know it's normal to shed about 100 strands per day, I still can't feel so comfortable about my hair fall. The whole time I was pregnant there were many changes in my hair like falling so much this month and so glossy and shiny the next. Crazy huh? Now after giving birth and continuously nursing, I am experiencing falling hair and I admit that there are days when I feel alarmed even if I don't have to be.

Here's an article about Hair Loss which I lifted from Yahoo that I stumbled upon one day. May this serve as a guide for all mom / women out there.

When it’s just strange: “Losing about 100 hairs throughout the day is normal,” says Jeffrey Garber, MD, president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Even substantial thinning (think hundreds of hairs a day, possibly in clumps) is nothing to worry about if you’re currently going through hormonal changes. For example, if you’ve recently stopped using hormonal birth control, had a miscarriage or had a baby, hair loss is likely just the result of your body readjusting. Your tresses should return to their former glory within three to four months. It’s also normal for hair texture to change due to hormones, which means you don’t need to worry following a pregnancy if your curly hair no longer needs to be tamed with a flat iron or your once-dry hair seems magically moisturized.

When it’s a warning sign: Not sure if the shedding is excessive? Try the “pull test,” says Dr. Garber: “Carefully grasp a small section and lightly tug to see how many hairs will come out.” Losing more than five telogen hairs, the ones with the root attached, is cause for concern, he says. Unless you can pinpoint an obvious hormonal cause (as mentioned above), call your doctor.

Your physician will examine your scalp and may suggest blood tests to figure out exactly what’s going on. “Deficiencies of zinc, iron or biotin [a B vitamin] can all cause hair loss, as can an under- or over-active thyroid,” says Dr. Garber.

You should also check in with your doctor if your hair texture has changed and a new baby isn’t in the picture. “Patients often notice texture changes during times of unusual stress or following a serious illness,” or your iron levels could simply be low, explains Dr. Scola.

Post Break: Our Little Outing

When I was pregnant me and my husband had a chance to look after the house of his officemate when she had to go for a family golf outing. It was the first time my husband was ever exposed to golfing when we stayed over her place for a while. She had a putting set laid on the carpet by the living room and had the vcr auto record the golf channel while she was away. We didn't want to interrupt the recording so we just watched whatever was being shown, golf.

We can call that house-sitting experience as our little outing. It was during the mid of very hot summer and having to go there to her place was kind of relaxing for us. My husband enjoyed putting and even said we'll have to go golfing in the future. I was happy because I personally enjoy playing golf, not the professional golf but just a fun golf-putting course. Whenever we pass by the golfland since after that I kept asking my husband if we can play. Just taking my chances but honestly it would be too hot for me most especially I was pregnant that time.

Now it's summertime once again and thank God it's not as scorching hot as before. We're looking forward having more little family outing with our baby. Though the nearest beach we can go to is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, that can be a good start to get baby acquainted with the sea and sand. We can enjoy fishing there by the wharf or enjoy the amusement park. Perhaps later on we can go farther and fly to the other coast and see where among in Myrtle Beach best hotels can we settle. Staying in Myrtle Beach hotel is quite convenient having it just right by the beach and also near golf courses. I still need to see what other activities our whole family can enjoy there night and day. It would be ideal to go through and see all other things Myrtle has to offer.

Baby Planning

It's true that I've always wanted to have a baby so as my husband but we had to plan things out good before conceiving another life in this world. After getting married we decided not to have a baby just yet so we can adjust and enjoy each other and be more prepared for a family addition. We also want to be more stable financially so we can assure providing everything for our baby.

We had a lot of deals before we finally decided it's time. We were helping out my husband's parents with construction renovations and finishing of their place and saved up for their flight tickets back here. It was a very tough ride but we managed to do what we had to do. We had to use up all our savings, resources and even get cash advances from our credit cards. It was our last resort to get that much funds needed. We were looking through online credit repair services to figure out how to repair your bad credit through DSI Solutions.

It took time to finish off our debts but we made it, we sailed through the rough tides. Little by little we paid everything we owed. After being debt free we knew that we are on our way to better financial stage and can further support if we'll have a baby. Soon after we decided that it's a bout time for us to focus on our own lives and start a family. We've been married for almost 3yrs and we felt like we're ready to take our marriage to the next level.

Post Break: Our Collection

Money collection has been our passion. We collect paper bills and coins of any denomination gold or silver and of different countries. We find pleasure seeing all our gathered collections and putting it all in a special album.

It's good to have some coin album collection because we can even give to some friends as a gift. The value seems more than how much it's really worth because they know it's part of our collection.

Wholesale coins and more has great variety of collectible coins at the right price. A leader in coin industry since 1975 specializing in coins sale, paper bills, commemoratives and proof sets. Items are always in stock so no need to worry about waiting for items to be available for purchase.

Post Break: The Gold Investment

We watched the movie "Three Kings" few weeks back and it's story about the gulf war and the three soldiers who were noted as the three kings in their own sense. They went out for a special non-military operation after recovering a map from a local to find the gold in one of those secrets bases. They succeeded in their mission but faced some serious troubles along the way.

As we all know gold is such a precious metal and it's a good form of investment. Gold is used for coinage since the earlier time and made into bullion. A gold bullion has a significant value, it can cost a lot to buy gold bullion. That's why there are some people who buy bullion as a means of investment. This is very ideal for parents who want to invest for their kids' future. Gold coins gain has a special gold savings plan for kids, something that every parent would want to ensure a secure future for his kids and entire family.

A Safe Hone For Baby

We don't live in a big place, just a simple old apartment and nothing fancy. We have yet to buy our house so for the meantime we'll just be settled where we live now. The apartment might be old and outdated but we love the safe neighborhood. Hubs doesn't even need to worry whenever me and baby stroll outside.

Keeping a safe home for baby is a must. Baby has to live in a place where he can be carefree. It's advisable to baby proof homes to ensure baby's safety. Basic safety measures must also be observed like keeping away all poisonous liquids away in a place where baby cannot reach. Doors should be shut or provided with door stoppers, same with windows and cabinets or drawers. Safety gates and fences are ideal to avoid baby from going to the stairs or kitchen where it is very dangerous for him to be wandering alone. Smoke detector is also another thing you can put at home.

We are hoping to buy our very first home here soon. The market is good for first time home buyers and we want to take that opportunity. It would be nice to see our little boy growing in a more familiar place which we can call ours where he can freely play around and explore. Once we get our hands to this goal it will be time to look for home security system. Reviewing consumer reports from before getting such service is something I have to research about. Baby safety isn't just all about baby proofing but also making sure the entire home is safe and secured.

Post Break: Safety checklist for your home

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a vacation. There’s a lot that goes into making travel plans, so many create a checklist to ensure that no important items are forgotten. It’s equally important to create a security checklist to ensure that your property is safe in your absence. As you finalize your vacation plans, remember to take some safety precautions and secure your home properly.

The first step is to check all windows and ensure that the locks don’t need to be replaced. It is important to ensure that all latches are functioning properly in your home.The next step is to verify that the garage door can be secured as well. Be sure to take the time to replace any broken locks and panes on the garage door. Next, you will want to ensure that any gates or fencing on the property can be secured. Make sure that all of the openings to the fence have sturdy locks attached that secure the gate.You will definitely need to check the locks on all doors within the home. Make sure that the doors to your home can be locked in a secure manner.

The final checklist item in securing your home while vacationing is to verify that your ADT Brinks Tallahassee is functioning properly. Remember to also set your home security alarm system before leaving the house.

Thanks to guest blogger Janice Terlent for the post

Post Break: Checking Out The Circus

Now that the kids are on break and it's good to spend some time outdoors family outings are just great. Parents and kids can enjoy some quality time together which can make them closer.

The beach is the common family favorite place to go or hiking by the woods. Those activities require more physical efforts and it will be good to have some other family bonding activity that kids can surely enjoy.

Checking out the circus with the whole family is a must this summer. Imagine how thrilled the kids will be seeing all those acrobatics and stunts. The lights and sounds will be something they will truly enjoy. Angel Stadium tickets, Chastain Park Amphiteatre Tickets & Wachovia Center tickets can all be bought through Even ticketing system now is a lot more convenient, no more reasons to miss that circus fun.

Enjoying Our Summer

Last year's summer was so dry and hot but luckily we had plenty of rains this year making the summer season just right. Although there are days when heat wave strikes, it can be unbearably hot inside the house or worse outdoors without any breeze.

Baby is growing and becoming more active therefore it helps when I bring him outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and soak under the sun. We walk around the neighborhood, visit daddy's office or do a little grocery shopping. I am enjoying our quality time together and I also want baby to enjoy mommy carrying him around while he's still good to carry. He's been such a good baby so he deserves all our attention and love.

Even if we go out for our mommy-baby walks that doesn't mean we're out and about the whole day. Baby is still so young and I want him to get enough naps as possible. It's also hard for me to be out so long with baby because we don't bottlefeed him, he's purely breastfeeding & nursing with mommy. That makes us mostly at home after our outdoor breaks.

There are days when it's very hot and we're forced to use cooling systems here at home. Hubs installed tiny window mounted exhaust fans to help take out hot air resting within the ceiling and we just let those fans run to eliminate trapped heat. We also use stand fan for air circulation and if the heat is terribly bad we use the air cooler. It's good because it's also an air filter, it can clean and purify the air circulating in our place making it safer for baby. Another cooling system that's ideal to have is a ceiling fan but we just don't have it here. Ceiling fans can help a lot in breaking the warm air build up and circulate air. We might not need to install this fan anymore since it will just be a month or two and we'll welcome cooler days again. In any case we'll have the need to do so we can always check out Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans. But so far our cooling system already works perfectly well beating the summer heat.

Post Break: On Recrue Media

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This is what Recrue Media, an online retargeting company offers. This company is among the retargeting companies who can truly deliver. About 90% of US internet users reach through their system where your ad is retergeted to encourage areturn visit to your site.

Post Break: On Superb Internet

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Little Grabber

My little baby has grown so much over the past 5months. Yes he's 5months old now and becoming more and more active by the day. He's has developed his hands coordination and exercising it by grabbing his toys and his feet. He looks so cute most especially when he tries to bring his feet to his mouth. He even giggles everytime he does that.

My little grabber has such a good grip that anybody holding him should be very aware and alert with those tiny hands. He can pull the hair and not let go or pick up and grab anything that he could reach. Lately he's being so fond of grabbing my cheeks and it hurts! Oh well i just tell myself he's growing and exploring. I try to correct him as much as possible so he won't carry those things that he shouldn't do.

Having a little grabber around means work too. He throws around his toys thinking it's fun with you having to pick it up and hand him back the toys. As much as I want to decorate the place with some plants or have some herb pots around, I dare not to since I'm looking after his safety. I think it will be better to just make use of window boxes or window plant boxes to contain those plants. At least having a window box for the plant won't require anymore pots inside our place. We don't have much space also and avoiding any other things that can clutter in time is the best.

Post Break: Oxford Medical

Even Professionals need help in other aspects of their career to make room for improvement. It can be for a big leap or something small, no matter what some guide can always make things easier and effective.

Oxford Medical conducts medical management courses and consultant interview course to doctors teaching various skills for interview just like teach the teacher procedure. This company is one of UK's top provider of consultant interview skills training and other career development training. The site provides practice to serve as a guide for better response construction based on facts. Making sure answers are more well structured, factual and personal.

Post Break: Hospital Gowns

For pregnant moms it's very important to have your hospital bag ready ahead of time. Make sure you have comfortable loose clothes for going home upon discharge. Baby should also have his take-me-home clothes because if he's healthy and no complications, he will be discharged together with you.

Most hospitals provide basic toiletries and hospital gowns. It's up to you if you wish to wear your own clothes. Their gowns just like medical uniforms or medical scrubs and nursing scrubs, simple and very uniform for every patient. I actually just wore the hospital gowns all throughout my stay and it's very comfortable though too open. I think I was too happy about my baby that I never really mind how I look in those gowns.

Working Mom & Baby

As a new mom I do my best to take care of my baby full-time. We really agreed on not having to bring baby over a day care center or get a babysitter. We believe that taking care of your baby, devoting time, love and affection will contribute to his development and well-being.

Taking care of my baby full-time doesn't mean I don't get to do anything anymore. In fact I still manage to work from home. I do my architecture stuffs and other online works on the side whenever baby's taking his nap time or having his little play time alone. I devote a lot of play time with him but i let him explore playing on his own too when he feels like it. I just keep an eye on him and keep myself aware if he calls on me for anything. Of course I am mostly just beside him or very near him whenever I do my works and him playing.

Being a freelancer and work at home mom has many benefits when it comes to my baby and husband. I get to spend more time with them and see to eat we are all eating healthy. I get the chance to cook and prepare our meals therefore it's a healthier option than taking out junk foods. I earn a decent amount every month but of course it's incomparable to a regular employment. But we believe it's not all about the money and benefits, our baby comes first above all. With a little more time squeezed into my hectic day, I try to read work from home articles and search for more home based business directory from This way I can add some more opportunities working from home.

Post Break: Health Watch

Clean fresh air and environment is very important to all of us. This way we can live healthier and longer. It's a sad reality that our world is getting more and more polluted. Just imagine how it will be in the future.

Speaking of which, being exposed to asbestos fiber and dust can cause Mesothelioma disease. It's a disease in which the Mesothelium, a membrane that covers and protects most of the internal organs gets affected. That's why it is very important to be aware of the environment you are in most especially for pregnant moms who are working.

In any case that this disease has been acquired through work environment make sure you seek proper treatment necessary and don't hesitate to ask help from a Mesothelioma attorney. A Mesothelioma lawyer knows more about the disease and possible causes therefore proper procedures can be filed. They are the people who are more than qualified to render services for such case.

Post Break: Most Practical Gift To Give

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Gift giving requires some thinking and finding the right gift for someone has never been easy. That's why people resort to gift registries where they can just list whatever they wish to receive. This way the gifts they get are more controlled, no doubling and nothing of what they don't wish to have.

I think gift cards really make a great gift and the most practical of all. Even if there's no gift registry for the must have list, a gift card can be used with more flexibility. The choices are more open for the gift card holder to get what he or she needs better. What more if the gift card itself can be exchanged for other gift cards by the recipient? It's possible with FriendGiftr!

FriendGiftr gift cards can be given in two ways, digital or physical card. Denomination varies from as little as $10 and as much as $100. But what's very unique is this is not just your ordinary gift card like once you get it, can only be used for a certain merchant. Swapping it with a different merchant with mo added cost is something very favorable already and to top that, it can even be split across multiple merchants of choice. FriendGiftr service can be accessed through the website, facebook or smartphones.

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Baby High Chair Purchase

Baby's about to start with his first solid foods on the mid of this month. He will be eating brown rice cereal at least once a day then later on adjust the frequency of feedings. The milk that will be used is my expressed milk and not formula. His feeding cups and spoons were purchased ahead of time but not his high chair.

Last Sunday we finally settled for baby's high chair and purchased it online. We'll have to wait for this week til next week for the order to arrive then we'll have to assemble it. Wooden high chair won over other types and we didn't mind much of the price because it will be something he can use as he grows up having it adjustable. Also it also matches our dining room furniture color.

It's fun looking for baby furniture because there's just so much to see most especially for baby bedroom furniture. Even high chairs now look like a modern furniture piece. A piece of advice regarding high chair purchase, don't be deceived by the looks and better review the product first thoroughly before finalizing your order. Baby's safety must be the priority so be very keen in checking the high chair. Some high chairs look so modern and cool but not so safe to use.

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