Post Break: A Little Getaway

Last year we had a great family time overnight in a hotel.  A simple way of celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary together with our little boy.  It's nothing lavish, having to be away for a night at least away from home and everybody gave us much peace of mind and relaxation.  Oh boy, I wish we could've done it this year but it's been too hectic.  It would have been nice if we had the chance to lounge again in the pool and just play with our little boy splashing in the water.
I think I have some kind of fondness with hotels, it has always been my dream to have a Spa Hotel of my own together with my dear bestfriend.  To go to a hotel and enjoy all the amenities they offer is something I enjoy a lot but to have one of our own would be such a hard task, it would take so much resources to build one.  Still, we leave an open mind when it comes to this great dream of ours.  Who knows if someday we'll have what it takes to put things in reality.
Being and Architect and designer, planning and construction won't be a problem.  Once everything's set then finding hotel supply online for the operations will be the next step.  Me and bes will be checking out (Atlanta hotel supply ) to get all the necessary equipment even the hotel bar supplies we'll need.  It's going to be exciting once this big projects comes to a reality but until then, we'll have to enjoy all other hotel places. 

How Much Would A Mom Do?

This is not about spoiling, it is all about pure love.  A mother's pure love for her kid.  Seriously, how much would a mom do for her kid?  It is something that can really be measured, you'll only know how far you'd go when the time calls for it.

I was so inspired with a story from Yahoo which I read tonight, it's about a mom whose son was taken and what it took for her to get him back.  She tried to shed all the money she had but it wasn't enough to get her son back to her.  Knowing that something has to be done, this mother put the ball on her hand and played the game.

How much do I love my boy and how far would I go for him?  I honestly don't know the answer in terms or numbers, I just know I would do everything for him.  Here's the story that I just read, Courageous Mom Rescues Abducted Son in Egypt check it out yourself and tell me how you feel about it. 

Post Break: All-In-One

Let's talk about:

First, Gates - Like any parent or homeowner, having a secured home is a must.  If you have kids more so that you would want to keep your property off prying eyes of strangers to protect your privacy.  While not every house has a gate or fence, some would prefer to have one to enclose their property.  Having smart gates can make life easier for those who prefer to be gated, something that can suit their function, use and style.  Of course you wouldn't want to have a gate which can be quite and eyesore.  Smart Gates provides stylish standard designs or custom designs to match your liking.  Driveway gates can be designed in modern fashion not having to use the manual force to open and close it, automated to do the work for you.  This is quite convenient without you and anybody else having to run to the gate just to open it.  To know more about Smart Gates simply check out this link:

Second, Automotive Repairs - Having a car is very important most especially if you have the need to always move around and go places.  With kids around, this is a must to make life more comfortable for you as well.  Sometimes taking public transport can be a pain when you have to carry along with you the kids and their baby bags (toys, lunch bag, and everything else), you only have two hands to hold everything at once.  Of course it is manageable but who wouldn't want that slice of comfort owning a family car?  Old or new it doesn't matter at all, as long as it is in good running condition then that pretty much is all you need.  Make sure to take your car to routine maintenance, this will ensure a longer life for your vehicle.  Changing shocks, alternator, CV Joints, oil and all other things that need replacement must be done in order to assure your car is in good running condition.  The least you want is to be on the go and then be stuck later on when your car breaks down.

Third, Online Advertising - Modernization has impacted people's lives, it opened up opportunities and new ideas.  Nowadays you would see people holding their gadgets and doing things online, almost everything online.  Some small and big businesses needed the help of technology to make their business a success story.  This is how Online Advertising NZ can make a difference in one's life who wish to have their online success to happen.  A dedicated internet marketing company who will take your business seriously, making every dollar you spend worth to make things happen.  How will you know the real status of your business?  Provided that their Google Web Analytics Team will be your expert eyes in monitoring how your website is performing.  Things that not everybody knows about or keen about to learn in such a short period of time.  It's true indeed that success can be achieved with hard work and dedication, it never says otherwise that it should be done alone.  A little help,a little nudge and an extra hand can make a big difference.

Mommy's Spring Gardening Buddy

This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is the perfect time to work in the garden, nice warm weather and lovely blooms everywhere.  Gardening is a great bonding activity for mommy and baby, giving some simple tasks and responsibilities in the garden can give our little one a sense of pride.  The values that instill in their yound mind having to give a helping hand to mommy and being able to take care of the garden.  Say for insatnce giving him or her a watering can and making him responsible for those little pots ot plants.  This helps build the kid's self confidence being able to accomplish a task.

Aside from our trusty little one, mommy can depend on Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch  for sustainable gardening.  Since we're putting much effort in our garden, making sure the garden most especially the yards are well taken cared of as well.  Having Scotts Nature Scapes mulch  for the gardening supplies is a must to maintain a garden the easier way.  Who wants to keep weeding instead of just tendering the nice plants in the garden?  With Florida Select Mulch, plant area will remain weed free just make sure you apply 3" of mulch leaving several inches away from house foundations, trees, woods and any plants. 

 photo 6d50af2c-aba7-44e2-b0ed-d3510804d726_zps3aae88a5.jpg

Landscaping the yard is much more fun when we use variety of plants and mulches.  Having some contrasts can give your garden a better appeal.  It depends what kind of garden youwant to have, it can be a flower garden, fruit garden or vegetable garden.  Having all in one isn't a bad idea either.  How the plants are grouped or separated together can make the difference.  Scotts® Nature Scapes® mulch can be a great option for landscaping; having color variations  like classic black, sierra red and deep forest brown can give a color play in your garden.  Aesthetically it can make a big difference, not only that because it can also help maintain moisture, prevent weeds and create a nice landscape all year long with less maintenance needed.

Ready to go shopping to the Nursery with your most favorite buddy?  Here are the basic essentials to get started with the gardening:

~ garden tools: rake, spade, shovel

~ potting soil, fertilizer, seeds, Scotts Florida Select Mulch, rocks and pebbles

~ protection:  sun hat, sunscreen, gardening gloves

~ pots, planter boxes, watering can (perfect for the little one)

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The Preschooler Age 24mos

At age 2, you can observe so many developments with your little.  Of course we have to keep in mind that not all 2 yr olds are the same.  We should not push nor expect our kid to do the same exact thing as the others.  At this age kids starts to adapt to habits.  You will notice that clean up time is something they enjoy doing.  Those days when they just flip a bucket full of toys down on the floor must still be anticipated but it will get better.  The best part of play would be cleaning up, kids enjoy it with us parents and a little song of course.

You may take this opportunity to teach your kid to help around the house.  Sometimes you won't even need to call for their attention to help you out, they will squeeze in whatever you're doing to give you a hand.  I admit, sometimes it drives me nuts when all the folded clothes get undone just because my little helper wants to fold along with me or simply gets attracted with the warm pile of laundered clothes.  When I'm really tired and this happens, I kind of flip but makes sure I don't scold my boy for helping me out.  I try to point out things rationally, according to his comprehension. Encouraging them to help and observe how you do things will give better results than throwing a big tantrum, besides in his eyes he was just trying to help mommy.  Things certainly take twice longer than you doing it alone but letting them be involved with you and some chores gives them a sense of responsibility and teaches them to help.

Dressing up is a good way to improve the fine motor skills, simple things like opening or closing the zipper, pulling pants up or down or wearing shoes.  The feeling of being quite independent and being able to do things like mommy and daddy gives them pride and self-confidence.  From here you'll be surprised to hear your little one say two to three words together.  This is also the age when "me", "I" or "mine" becomes quite dominant in their language.  How do you correct it?  Be a constant role model and keep a strict rule about things.  Don't expect them to really follow right through but in time you'll see them follow.  Some kids really talk way too early while some are way too delayed.  If it worries you then express your concern to the doctor to better assess the situation.

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