Kids Have Remarkable Memory

Amazing how kids can remember things! Why did I say this? Our little boy shows us from time to time how he knows and remembers things and special events. 

Sometime last month we all went to the church then to the shopping center across where there's Kid2Kid and Doughnut Diner. To make our little trip special, after church we browsed through Kid2Kid and then after to the doughnut diner. Had a little snack and little J treasure that moment as our special treat time.

About a month later, we went to the same church again and to the kid shop. This time we were just looking for some formal outfit for an important event. We didn't have in mind going to the doughnut shop. Right after exiting the kid shop, J ran away from the car and further towards the doughnut diner. We asked where's he going, replied: we're supposed to have a special treat! 

We were stunned at the moment then followed him quickly. He knew where to go and even let himself in the diner and hurriedly looked onto the display. The lady remembered him as well so she gave the donut he chose upon seeing us. Me and hubs noted that incident and agreed that we'll do it once a month at least to keep it as a lasting memory for our growing boy. Another thing J remembers whenever we go there is the fireworks display last 4th of July. That is where we parked and watched the fireworks spectacular as well.

Baby Sized Yummies

Sometimes it can be challenging to make our little one eat. It takes much patience to have him settled and keep eating but with some little presentation, meal time can be fun.

Baby sized foods can attract kids to enjoy their food. Just like my little boy who's not even keen of eating blueberries. I made mini blueberry pancakes, used it to make salami and cheese pancake-wich. He gets to hold it perfectly and munch on it with  much ease. Having it small in size makes him feel like it's made really just for him, "the little baby boy". 

Special Treat

Our little boy is not too fond of sweet foods. He would want to have special treat from time to time, we don't mind giving him as long as it's noted as a treat and not a regular food to eat. 

Special treat can be when we're all complete and just relaxing,  a birthday or any other occasion, or something special given by a friend. He enjoyed some special yummy cookies tonight after finishing his dinner, a dear friend gave him what they made previously. What's nice is he even shared it with mom and dad :) even just for few little bites.

Dental Check-up

It's important for our little one to have a regular dental check-up. This can prevent tooth decay and cavities having a routine teeth cleaning. Of course not to forget how important is brushing their precious choppers at home, this is the basic thing to do. Oral hygiene must not be forgranted, so parents, please make it a point to help the kids understand how important it is to brush their teeth. 
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