9th & 10th Doctor Visit , Tummy Update

I have been off for a while and wasn't able to post about my 9th doctor visit so I will just include it here with my previous visit last week January 21. Nothing really much to say about it but all stats are good including my blood sugar monitoring and baby's development. My BP is within the low range and no infections. I am just glad that i am doing good for baby and looks like baby's size still good for normal delivery. It's getting harder to keep up with the diet because there are times that my sugar shoots up even with regular foods but I'm trying to hold on. I'm on my 9th month now and counting about 4wks prior to delivery on February 21.

As of preparations, me and hubs are still going to attend some classes to help us prepare for the birthing process and newborn care on the 6th and 10th of February and one last baby shower on the 7th. It's going to be a hectic February but hopefully baby will cooperate and will come out on his due date so we can prepare good and attend those necessary preparatory classes. We also got to see baby because I was scheduled for an ultrasound but again baby's not cooperative enough and slept throughout. The images we got were not so good so I'll just post the one we will get later today, the 3d / 4d scans. hubs booked on a special prenatal ultrasound clinic for us to fully document baby and have a better view of him before he sees the world out here. Baby's about 6lbs now too!

Post Break: Relax, Raise those Legs Up

Swollen feet is common to pregnant women due to the accumulation of extra fluid / water in the feet and ankles. It also can occur on face and hands. Small amount of swelling is normal and it builds up during the day. Swelling usually gets worse in hot weather and take note, be aware of severe swelling which can be a sign of a problem. Make sure to notify your doctor for severe swelling and usually doctor checks on this during visits.

What To Do:
  • Sit with legs up.
  • Do not stand for a long time and if must stand, wear a support panty hose.
  • Do not wear socks like knee-highs with tight elastic band, this results to slow blood flow in legs which can cause swelling and other problems.
  • Do not cross legs because this stops the blood flow in legs which can cause more swelling and other problems.
  • Lie on your left side 2 times during the day if possible like when watching TV or reading, this is good for the blood flow in legs.
  • Avoid salty foods, check out labels of sodium content in foods. 400mg of sodium should be the boundary, try to steer clear of higher sodium content foods.
  • Do ankle exercises everyday, this helps regulate blood flow in legs and feet. Just sit on a chair, lift foot up off floor, circle toes clockwise with 10 count then do on the other foot.

I think watching TV can be a fun and relaxing way to deal with your swollen feet aside from avoiding all other factors contributing to this matter. As I checked on more TV options, I came across which has all these Direct TV Offers and Direct TV Specials.

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Post Break: Soothing Music

Remember in my previous post about fetal development that baby can now hear from inside the womb? Aside from having this as a good time for parents to talk to baby it is very advisable to listen to music too. This can be soothing for both baby and mommy.

I am musically inclined since I was a kid and still loving listening to nice tunes but I can't play instruments anymore like before. As a kid I studied piano lessons and I just had to stop at some point and somehow lost it. I can still do some notes but not play full song. I am thinking now is the best time for me to do those music things again, I want baby to hear mommy playing piano too aside from my usual lullaby. Since earlier stage of my pregnancy I sing many songs to baby mostly Disney and other favorites. If working I put music as I work the whole day or when waiting for baby daddy in the car to be out from work . This serves as my personal bonding time with baby, I want him to know my voice, to hear me, to know mommy's just out here keeping him comfortable in there. And we noticed baby moves and reacts when we hear nice tunes from movies, tv, radio or concert. Perhaps because we attended some opera and musical concert previously too.

Soothing music isn't just for baby when he or she's in the womb, it's best when baby's out and hearing it clearly. For me I will like it if baby will be musically inclined like mommy and continue those things that I started before. I won't mind getting back on some piano lessons so I can eventually teach him to play too and maybe have him set his own piano lessons in time! (too excited huh!) Now maybe I'm thinking too much of the future ahead but I can't help it. My excitement grows more and more everyday with some worries on the side over things too which I think can't really be avoided.

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