I'm Down...

A day after the glucose test I received a call from Dr. Vallejo and it was bad news. She said my sugar got a little high and I asked if it's really high and she just referred to it as medium high. I knew, I had the feeling I might fail that test the moment I tasted that drink they gave me. It was too darn sweet for me, I never really take something like that making me think ahead that my body is not too used with that.

I felt so there's a more painful series of tests to do which is the 3-hr glucose test. That will be on my next post.

Second Ultrasound & Painful Blood Test

I can't believe I had to come back to the clinic the following day (September 16) and this time alone. I didn't want to drag hubs making him skip work time again so I went on my own. My schedule was 10:15 but I came early like 9am. I prefer that than being late. I had some conflict with the time since I was told to do ultrasound and bloodtest in which not the regular type but for sugar testing. This kind of bloodtest will require some fasting at least before you're given a glucose drink and then your blood will be drawn an hour after. The ultrasound on the other hand requires you to have a full tummy and more fluids to make the picture clearer. What to do?

No choice but to go for the ultrasound first and I made sure I ate breakfast and drank lots of water. Since baby's around 17-18wks already, it was a tummy ultrasound. It wasn't my doctor who performed it but their technician. I was wishing doctor will be there so she can explain things as we do the procedures. Warm gel was poured over my tummy then it began. Baby's awake that time and I saw movements. Looks like baby loves to kick around! There was a capture of the leg fully stretched out! Just like what was said in the books I'm currently reading, baby's skin is very transparent and you can see through it. I saw the heart beating and other organs with the pumping motions. The spine and skeletal structure were visibly glowing. Oh, how I wish hubs can be there with me to witness baby's development. I even asked before we started if I can take video of the ultrasound so I can show hubs but not allowed. That would be the best birthday present for him! He was happy to see the prints later that day but of course nothing beats seeing the real thing through the monitor. The same day I was back in the clinic, it's hubs birthday too and I missed to attend his office lunch. I was invited to come but baby comes first =)

After the ultrasound I rushed back downstairs for the glucose testing. I was given the glucose drink (and I hated it! too sweet for me and I'm no sweet tooth!) Waited for an hour before the blood drawing just sitting and nothing else to do. I badly wanted to finish earlier so I'll have time to shop and see what gift I can get for hubs. Finally it's time and I'll be free at last! I wasn't so happy after the blood was darn painful! The one who took my 2 blood samples had heavy hands and it was indeed very painful. I forgot to mention the blood test wasn't just for sugar testing but to check for birth defects and those things. Time to leave the clinic after the blood draws and I will just be posted for results later on.

My Second Pre-Natal Visit

After the insurance was approved I was then assigned to a specific doctor and to another clinic. A little far from home but I found a good way to get there not using the freeways but the inner roads. That way hubs won't worry about me driving alone. It's better to be extra careful now that I am carrying our baby. It's time for my second doctor visit and this time I met my new OB-GYN Dr. Vallejo of West Valley Medical Tully Center. A little from home but the facility is really good, be the judge! I snapped some photos this time around (September 15).

Since this visit was scheduled ahead hubs was able to note it at work and went with me. We were hoping for an ultrasound but not this time =( Too bad we're eager to see baby together. So how was the visit? Good! We were so happy with our doctor, she's so nice and very warm. She made us feel so comfortable. Checked me thoroughly and set some blood tests that I need to do.

We spent the whole morning there and good thing my husband noted he'll be back 1pm or else he'll be late. I postponed the bloodtest which was the 1hr glucose test for sugar testing for the next day since we were given an Ultrasound schedule. I decided to take it the same day so he won't be late for his half day work. So off we go around 11:30 and just dropped the prescription given to me for next day's pick up too. we decided to eat lunch together at Wendy's before he goes to the office. My day out didn't end there, before going home I even went to the department store to check out some maternity clothes and a gift for my dear husband for his birthday =)

Time To Announce

We have decided to finally announce to friends and relatives about the pregnancy thingie after confirming with the 2nd ultrasound. We were so held back with that decision because it's hard when you are bombarded with questions and yet you are still dealing with things. This is our first baby, first in all experiences about the pregnancy deals so we're really checking when things should be out and not. We're just glad finally we can set off the's something not to be kept but well proclaimed! Thank you for all the well wishes and congratulatory greetings!

ps: I'm still catching up with my posts here and the announcement was like mid September on my 4th month roughly 17-18wks

To The Godmother-to-be

It was not a very good day here same where she is on her special day...

I'm thankful for having her in my life, my dear bestfriend CHE who thought I should make this blog for dearest godchild she has yet to meet... about 5 more months my dear, just be patient.

I feel bad that we didn't get to see each other and celebrate together both our birthdays but I believe we'll reunite in time... soon I hope.

Happy birthday bes! We love you!

My bump and books =)

Since we officially declared and released our little angel's first ever photos =) it's time to share some photos of mommy and daddy to be. I'm within 2mos on the run to 3 already here but baby bump still hiding because only me and hubs knew here. I can still wear snug fitting clothes and it's still not too obvious. Be the judge! What do you think? This shot was taken in Santa Cruz Boardwalk when we took hubs' family to the beach. We had some fun with some rides though I was really careful fearing our baby might be hurt or something.

These shots show my 14th-15th weeks baby bump =) getting bigger! Now I really have to take care of my skin because of my expanding tummy. Stretchmarks are quite unsightly so better use lotions for pregnant women. My bestfriend has been bugging me to make sure I have those and if not my husband makes sure he gets those for me! Haha, she's more worried than ever. Good thing I already bought some Palmer's pre-natal supplies and a set after giving birth.

Here are some very usual books I have on hand to guide me throughout my pregnancy. I know most of my blogger friends knew I hate reading, but what can I do? I'm gonna be a mom soon so I better be ready and at least know more about myself and my baby inside me. My mom not being here near me makes me feel a lot more responsible for myself alone. I have to further educate myself and hubs as well to prepare us for the stork's delivery =)

Answered Prayers

We're so happy that finally we get to confirm my pregnancy and we even saw baby for the first time. It was a very overwhelming feeling. All I want is to be a mom someday and that time has finally came. Still we're hanging with the insurance so we felt like not proclaiming the good news just yet.

After that check-up, we were able to get the pregnancy certification that's very much needed for the processing of insurance so I fixed all papers and mailed it in fast the next day. We felt like we're running out of time and we had to do thing really in a snap. No time to waste to stake on our baby's health. It was noted with the downloaded handbook for AIM that wait period for approval will be around 10days. That 10days feels like so long for excited soon-to-be parents like us but we had to be patient with everything. We were literally counting days from the time we received the confirmation notice that our docs were received. That made us more anxious actually.

Nearly 10 days and there, we had our prayers answered! Finally a feedback from AIM saying I was approved for the insurance and coverage starts by September 5. Great! It felt like a thorn was taken out of our heart, now we know we're secured until I give birth plus baby will be covered once applied a month before due date. Aside from the coverage, I was assigned to an OB-Gyn so all I needed to do was to wait for other papers from the insurance provider for an immediate check-up appointment. There were still certain procedures that I had to follow, lots of calls and all but I need not to expound on those things.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and support!

My First Doctor Visit

After counting months and still no good news with the insurance, we knew that it's about time to really have a doctor check-up already. Baby's turning 3mos and it's not healthy to keep it that way. Even if I'm having some care from my doctor in the Philippines, still I have to see how baby's doing. We nailed down a schedule and finally set the doctor's appointment. We also need that for the insurance policy that we are going to apply for. During the wait time, we have been researching for insurances that will cover the pregnancy needs especially for that. Glad that we found an option. We can't stake on a long wait for the insurance to kick in so action must be done.

For those moms-to-be here in US (CA) I'd like to share you this info we got as we were searching for an insurance policy for me. For those low-income families you can try applying for
Medi-Cal. They have an immediate policy for pregnant women designed for her needs. Another one which is very efficient is AIM or Access for Infants and Mothers Program. Since we don't qualify for the Medi-Cal and the wait time is longer we opted for AIM. But these things can only get started once you submit their forms consisting of medical certification of your pregnancy. Of course you'll have to spend to get those things done and we did. August 13, we went to the woman's clinic near my husband's office. We chose it there so he can conveniently come for my schedule.

I was quite nervous that day thinking of many things like if baby's fine, am I in good shape an all. First step was the application forms as usual then I was called in for the check-up. Hubs was just in time and we came in together. Here goes the procedures: (1) get weight and blood pressure data (2) collect urine sample for pregnancy testing (3) pap-smear to check infections and detect cancer (4) ultrasound & heartbeat check (5) doctor's assessment (6) blood chem and after all the procedures we were given the prints of our baby's ultrasound and pre-natal vitamins supply. The pap-smear was a bit ouch, i never liked it because it hurts whenever I have it done but it's one important way of ruling out cancer as early detection. Lab results won't be out the same day, you'll have to wait for a week or two because all samples will be brought to the Pathology Laboratories for testing and from there results will be sent back to the clinic.

Our day turned out ok. Despite giving out 4 vials of blood samples, the pain of getting some cells for the pap-smear and the whopping $800-1000 cash-out for the check-up.... it was worth all the pains and expenses. We finally confirmed we're having a "kicking" baby in my womb. I can't forget how I took my eyes off the ultrasound monitor just to enjoy staring at my husband who was in full awe. He had this pasted huge smile while watching our baby kick up and down and later on thumbsuck probably being tired of all the jumping. We clearly saw the heart beating, the head, arms and legs. This is our first baby, my first ever pregnancy so you can imagine how much we were filled with joy! The insurance matters were forgotten for a while because we were celebrating for our little angel. We're so thankful to God for the blessings...most especially for this new life inside me.

The Wait

After the numerous home pregnancy tests we settled on not telling anybody about it. It was hard (yes so so hard being hush hush) since I felt like I needed someone to at least be there to talk to me about things. My bestfriend was the one next to know about it. I emailed her the test results and asked her what she thinks about it. Hubs and I decided we can only tell the news once we have that ultrasound done and I get to have my first pre-natal check-up.

Aside from the medical matters, we were also waiting for the insurance coverage to kick in. It's taking too long already having me added in my husband's employer insurance and it's too late to check on getting others. We still tried though and yet we failed. The insurance system here made our eyebrows raise. Why? Because we were just told that they can't offer me any insurance since I have an existing condition (expecting already). We were like, "What's wrong with them? They only want to get money from people and insure them but when you need to have a coverage they can't give it to you?" What do you think about their policy? Quite unfair? You'll be paying anyway so what's the big deal? The catch is that most hospitals and any other medical services are insurance related. Only few offices accept cash pay and if you opt to do this be ready to shed off hundreds to thousands of dollars before even giving birth!

We had to check all options possible and it wasn't easy. So much frustrations and stress and we knew it's bad for the baby to absorb such things. I had my crying moments not only because of the medical and insurance matters but some family stress here at home. I'm just glad my bestfriend and some other friends (adeline, amie & betchai) listened to my outpour during those dark times. I really thank them for uplifting my spirits and making me feel better. It's hard being far from your family and friends though I know I have to be strong to face all these. Now, I have all the reasons to be stronger because our little angel needs our strength too.
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