Post Break: Winter in Hickory, NC

While the snow is falling in New York, my favorite place to be is Hickory, North Carolina.

Why Hickory? Hickory has cold days, even some that are below freezing with occasional snow. Snow accumulation is usually less than 6 inches. Enjoy watching the peaceful snow fall from the comfort of your home. If you do need to drive, the roads may be a bit slippery, but are quickly cleaned by the road crews.

A few days later the snow will have melted and the daytime temperature is 60 degrees. Perfect spring-like weather for bike riding, hiking or walking your dog.

I try to pack as light as possible when travelling. My goal is to use a carry on bag - no waiting for luggage; no lost luggage. Since I am the type of person who always wonders if I've forgotten something, I have a routine for closing up my New York house. Unplug the electronics, set timers and lock the windows and doors. For added peace of mind, I set my Home Alarm Systems before embarking on the trip.

Spending a month during the winter in Hickory gives you a blend of winter and spring. It's a perfect getaway from the frigid north east weather.

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Baked Rice Crackers

What do you give your baby for snack? Have you tried some Japanese Rice Crackers? I personally love these crunchy crackers and I am not surprised that my little boy loves it too. As much as possible we try to avoid giving salty and sweet foods to baby so that he won't be inclined to tasty foods right away.

Sometimes parents would think their kids are way too hard to feed so they have to give just anything they want and those tasty and savory treats. We have to be more careful feeding our kids because they will end up liking those foods and disliking other healthier options. It's still best if we can get our kids to eat fruits and vegetables. These foods will ensure a healthier life ahead of them.

A Slice Won't Hurt

This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes we go through certain cravings and we end up with over indulgence.   FRESCHETTA® By the Slice is a practical and better choice when you feel like grabbing a pizza.  Having it by slice can actually help moderate eating larger portions compared to a full sized pizza.  A slice won't hurt even if you are on a diet or simply craving.

I love Freschetta, I instantly liked it the first time we tried it.  The crust which is comparable to those other big pizza franchises, topped with fresh tasting ingredients and sauce.  To think it's a frozen pizza the taste is not bad at all.  After having it heated it's just like having a freshly baked pizza from the oven.  What could be better than that?  The by the slice pizza comes in different flavors:  BBQ Recipe chicken, Vegetable Medley, CHicken Spinach & Mushroom and Six Cheese Medley.  All flavors taste good but I love the Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom best!  Pizza with veggies tastes so much better than just pure meats.

Are you hungry yet?  If so feel free to leave a comment with your most favorite pizza recipe ever.  If your comment's chosen then you'll get yourself a coupon for FRESCHETTA® By the Slice and 6 piece FRESCHETTA® storage set.   Check out FRESCHETTA® on Twitter at @FreschettaPizza and on Facebook at to know more about Freschetta. 

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