The Preschooler Age 26mos

Table manners becoming an issue?  You may be so used with your tot being so well behaved and sitting still while having family dinners and all of a sudden he or she suddenly becomes such a screamer of some sort.  Ok, the screaming and misbehaving isn't good but remember, kids behave in such a way to express themselves.

We have observed our little boy to misbehave a bit more and scream or do unlikely things while eating lately.  We kept observing and somehow figured out whenever me and my husband would talk about things our little boy can't relate with, he's likely to start doing things to cut us and focus on him.  Finally it made sense after I just read about kids that age acting in such manner on the table.

Since out little one started easting on his own, we give less attention on the table and start going back to our old routine which is probably old talks.  Our kid cannot relate to this thus making him quite furious and as a result would do something to distract and get out attention.  Understandable enough that the past 2yrs meal time would mean family time, out little boy being much more of a baby then and we made an effort to incorporated everything on the table for him.

I know it's hard when sometimes you and your husband just want to have some chat while eating, but not to forget the little one who's trying his best to keep up with mom and dad.  Conversations that he can't understand will definitely make him feel off and not included so reserved those delicate topics away from the table, instead show how much you enjoy the food and the family having a meal all together.

No More Shopping Misery

This post brought to you by Sears. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love to shop but since I had my first baby I had to halt my shopping trips.  It's not that easy carrying around your little one while trying to shop and search for items, I would have to just know exactly what I have to get and take off right after.  I had to find an easier and more convenient way for me to do my normal shopping, online is the solution.  It may not be the best option when you feel like trying on what you want to buy but definitely less stress than haggling with your little one to be patient while you're shopping.  There will be times when they will behave like an angel but you can't avoid some cranky days.  When this happens, the supposed to be relaxing and therapeutic shopping becomes more of a misery.


I have my favorite stores to shop for certain things but for those great brands like Nike, Michael Kors, Flexees and all other clothing for my little one like his cute pajamas, Sears tops my list.  Oftentime in-store shopping can be such a headache when you can't find any of the size you need for the styles you found, not online.  Sears carries more options online, more sizes and different varieties.  You'll get to review all your ideal purchase clippings with much comfort at home.  You may chose whether your purchase be delivered or the free easy pick up.  They will do the tiring shopping for you and all you have to do is get it once it's paid and ready.

I personally enjoy checking the featured marketplace offers  to know what's the trend.  Go try it yourself and see the newest arrivals for the season, don't forget to spread the news and give your frends and families a tweet. 

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This post brought to you by Vipre. All opinions are 100% mine.

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At the very least, a good anti-virus protection software such as VIPRE Internet Security should be installed in your computer. This alone will provide you with very good protection such as scanning, real-time active protection, threat definition updates and firewall. VIPRE Internet Security offers a wide array of tools and utilities that can help protect your computer from security threats. Installing is easy, and doesn't take long at all and is very easy to follow.

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Once the program is installed, it provides a very clean simple overview that displays the status of your scans, active protection, updates and firewall. Here you will also notice addition options such as the ability to make scheduled scans, enable email protection, easy updates and set up web filters. It's such a well rounded program and I encourage those looking for an antivirus solution to give VIPRE Internet Security a try. It is very easy to use and manage and does not hog your computer resources. Stay safe, stay protected and enjoy a clean, virus-free computer!

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My Boy Takes Care of Me

It was a sudden stomach pain last night, had to lay flat on the floor near my little boy while he's playing.  At one point I thought he was riding my back horsie because of the jump on my back to sit.  Told him my tummy is ouchie and it hurts when he's riding my back so rough.  To my surprise I felt tiny little hands rolling through my back, rubbing back and forth.  Baby is massaging mommy!  He said he has to massage me to make me better.  He usually would copy me massaging daddy or whenever I request for a little back massage it would be a brief 15-30 seconds hand rolling.  Not this time, he was actually massaging me for a good 1 minute and after the back got off me and went to my side trying his best to roll me to lay flat on my back.  He said "mommy I need to massage your tummy".  He didn't stop until I let him. 

It was so sweet of my boy to show how much he cares by giving me such TLC.  That's not it, after a great massage from a 3yr old, he told me I need to drink water to make me better.  He rushed to the kitchen to get me some water, I heard some things falling in the sink but nothing that could break.  He successfully grabbed the cup then ran back to me asking me to fil it up with water.  I was just in much pain that I didn't want to move so I told him maybe he can check his Cars cup and I can share water there.  Off he went to put the cup back to the dish rack (which actually just fell in the sink) then grabbed the Cars cup.  Too bad no water too so he again asked me but I thought of his Thomas cup.  He rushed to the room and finally got one with some water in it.  He sat right next to me and shook the cup to make sure there's water, then opened the straw cover.  He gently placed the straw to my mouth and made sure I drank some water.  Funny enough that right after I sipped he took his turn and said "mommy I feel so hotter", which means he's feeling hot with all the running and working to get my precious water.  Last thing baby said to me was, "mommy there you go, water should make you feel better!"

The Preschooler Age 25mos

At this age most toddlers interpret how they understand the world around them.  Associating things to what they want to say makes it easier for us parents to understand them better.  Say for instance when your tot walks near the door giving you a gesture to go out or in.  Giving you his or her cup would mean a drink or showing discomfort with the clothes to let you know they want to be changed.  Simple ways but bridges us parents to better understanding them.

This age is quite hyper, learning how to jump and do some more active play.  They can keep going on and on as if there's no way they're getting tired at all.  It's actually funny seeing them practice and master their jumping, like you have hoppity frogs hopping all day long.  Encourage them to move, free play encourages development their mind and body need.

Is potty training a must at this age?  I'd say not really, it depends on whether your tot is ready for it so as you.  Not all tots get into potty training the same time.  Some start way early, if your tot hasn't started yet there's no reason to frustrate about it.  Potty training takes a big heap of patience, timing, coordination, communication and dedication.  It's not advisable to do it today then skip tomorrow.  It also takes time, at most accidents may happen.  The best cue that your tot is ready is when he or she recognizes feeling to go potty.  Once they fully understand it regardless wearing trainers or diapers, they will go potty the proper way.

Nutrition is very essential to your child's growth so giving them healthy plate of food is a must. Little steps at a time, while some fancy fruits and veggies, not all kids are the same.  Parents must eat healthy as well being the role models as they kids tend to see and copy you in every possible way they can. 
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