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October 1 was my schedule to the other clinic nearer home where the dietitian gives lectures for those who are so called having "gestational diabetis". Finally met her and she gave us blood sugar monitor kit so we could test and record our blood sugar for the next 14days. We were given more light with the no-no foods and strict portions. I admit it's a lot of stress hearing somebody tell you this is only what you can eat and no more, better follow. I was ok because only my breakfast and dinner's affected with the changes but the other expectant mothers were getting so much shock from they were hearing. I honestly don't eat much knowing the possibilities of a pregnant woman getting diabetic so I carefully watch my diet. This is the only part that truly frustrates me. I felt it's so unfair, I am so strict already with myself and still I'm under such circumstances.

After the food diet lesson we were led to the other room where we were given the blood sugar monitor kit and taught how to use it. Painful procedure I'd say. My tiny fingers has to be pricked 4x a day! Yes 4 times, 1st after waking up, 2nd an hour after breakfast, 3rd an hour after lunch and finally and hour after dinner. I have to jot down now even the foods I eat every meal and my blood sugar test result. We were also told to do exercise like walking for 10mins after meals. This one I tried to comply at first but lately I haven't really followed. I think it's me challenging to prove myself too that I'm not really "diabetic" and me wanting to see the real result without much efforts. So far so good, my results turned out ok. My husband even telling me he thinks I'm ok all along it's just really the drink they gave me. I believe so too... Oh I'm ranting too much.... all for the baby. I'll just do what's best for both of us to be in best condition =)

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life ramblings said...

how's everything Ayie? hope you and your little angel are doing fine.

life ramblings said...

i've had gestational diabetes before. it actually depends on how well you take care of yourself. If you can control your sugar intake carefully, you will be doing the best that you can for you and your baby. no worries.

life ramblings said...

but then, i've to confess at times it's hard to adhere to strict diets when there are temptations everywhere.

Tekkaus said...

So you mean your blood sugar is higher than normal and it is affect little junior? :(

OMG! Now I am worried for my wife too.

You have to be prickled 4 times. Gosh! Must be painful right! Hang on there mama, your lil junior is supporting you. :D

lina said...

Yeah, hang in there Mama. We will be praying for your health and baby's to. :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

I'm surprised of the result actually coz you definitely don't like sweet stuff and I still don't understand it either. Maybe it's really the drink. I hope it's the drink actually..hehe.

Ayie said...


I'm doing fine and so as baby... been kicking a lot now =) I am quite late for my posts here, I will soon show my bump development.

So you had GDM too? The diet's not too hard for me, I've been eating almost that way. I just need to monitor my sugar closely. Yeah just praying everything will be good both for me and baby most esp. Thanks! You have enlightened me =)

Ayie said...


4x a day, yup but it's ok gotten used to it already but I have to admit it's not fun at all pricking yourself to bleed! Don't worry too much about your wife, it's not for everybody. Maybe I'm prone to this too since it's my first pregnancy and my body's still adapting to everything. Too much changes since the migration here. Thanks!

Ayie said...


Hanging tightly! =P

Thanks for all the support! All your prayers are deeply appreciated.

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

Hehe there's also nothing I can do anymore. We're just thankful that I'm put under much needed care making things eventually better for me and baby.

levian said...

oh gosh, 4 times a day is frightening.
you are doing great,
hanging through the difficulties for both the baby n you. :D

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