Post Break: Relax, Raise those Legs Up

Swollen feet is common to pregnant women due to the accumulation of extra fluid / water in the feet and ankles. It also can occur on face and hands. Small amount of swelling is normal and it builds up during the day. Swelling usually gets worse in hot weather and take note, be aware of severe swelling which can be a sign of a problem. Make sure to notify your doctor for severe swelling and usually doctor checks on this during visits.

What To Do:
  • Sit with legs up.
  • Do not stand for a long time and if must stand, wear a support panty hose.
  • Do not wear socks like knee-highs with tight elastic band, this results to slow blood flow in legs which can cause swelling and other problems.
  • Do not cross legs because this stops the blood flow in legs which can cause more swelling and other problems.
  • Lie on your left side 2 times during the day if possible like when watching TV or reading, this is good for the blood flow in legs.
  • Avoid salty foods, check out labels of sodium content in foods. 400mg of sodium should be the boundary, try to steer clear of higher sodium content foods.
  • Do ankle exercises everyday, this helps regulate blood flow in legs and feet. Just sit on a chair, lift foot up off floor, circle toes clockwise with 10 count then do on the other foot.

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Anonymous said...

I had this problem before, and my ankles were huge! Great tips, Ayie!

lina said...

Great tips Ayie. :)

Ayie said...


My pleasure Icy! I'm lucky that I read books and been aware of these things.

Ayie said...


Did you have any prob like this Lina?

levian said...

i wonder why on the left side but not right? another thing is put a pillow under your leg when you are sleeping. i do that when my legs are sore, for example from exercise. n it usually helps. :)

lina said...

Luckily no. But I had to put my feet up high (plus my bottom too) because Raimie's always was in breech position. I was advised to keep my bottom elevated when at home so that Raimie will turn to a correct position (head down). Needless to say, Raimie has his own idea and decided when it's time to opo, he return to a breech position. LOL

lina said...

I had a trim ankle until I gave birth. I wore boots all through pregnancy. :D

lina said...

I had a pretty worrisome early semesters, Ayie but towards the end, it was all plain sailing with Raimie.

Hope everything will be smooth sailing for you and baby. How's your hubs doing? Getty more excited with the impending arrival? :)

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