Post Break: The Goal

One of our goals for this past year was to conceive our first baby and thank God we did. We were blessed with a wonderful baby boy. All other things were put on stand by giving so much padding to support our baby's arrival. Now we have our pending goals to achieve since baby's out already.

One goal on the run now is getting another car bigger than the compact we have now. Baby needs a better transport system and it's a must to provide it. But this is not the biggest of all, we also plan to finally get our own place. To purchase our home here. Checking out HUD apartments and homes as early as now to see our options. Still don't know when this can be done but hoping to get good results from HUD or any other sites for our house hunting deals.
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Tekkaus said...

Hopefully you and hubs can achieve your goals on buying a bigger place and car Ayie. :D

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