Warning! No Chllies for Moms-To-Be

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being pregnant gives us the privilege of indulging and eating almost everything we want. Most women get to enjoy this but for me that's never the case. I had to be very careful with what I eat and the portions due to gestational diabetis. Thinking of baby's health and well-being is the most important thing for me so no-no even to my biggest cravings. It wasn't easy because I used to enjoy certain foods but being careful with what I eat, I had to give up some things. Of course I get occasional pizzas and chili beans but without TABASCO® Original Red, the best condiment to go with those dishes.  As much as I want some zing in my savory foods I had to be careful since I read that too much chilly can induce labor.  Whether it's true or not I'd rather not risk for baby's sake.

Now that baby's born I can enjoy some more pizza and chili beans with few drops of Tabasco original red, lactation nurses told us spices don't go through the milk but still need to ease up a bit to avoid passing gas to baby.  Even a tiny little drop elevates the level of taste making it a whole lot more complete.  What's best is it's perfect timing for the Super Bowl Game-Day Party MenuPizza Perfected with every bite.  Occasional indulging isn't bad but make sure to still keep it in moderation.

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lina said...

And you can now enjoy all the Phillipines food when you get back home! :)

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