Mommies Nees To Take a Break

When you are pregnant you feel so restricted doing things like eating this and that and going to places. Travels can be critical to some moms but this doesn't mean you have to tuck yourself in the bed and just hibernate. It's also not true that you have to keep eating non-stop because you're eating for two. Yes indeed you are eating for two but proper diet and nutrition is needed to make sure you and your baby will be both healthy which later on can result to easier delivery.

Make sure you take the chance to relax and have some break. Try to do some activities with your husband or partner that won't put so much stress on your behalf. Take for instance watching movies, concerts or even ballgames. These are safe things to do just make sure you don't get over excited when your favorite team takes the lead.

These activities require great caution because of the crowd. Make sure you steer away from heavy crowd. Falling in line for the tickets is not a good idea as this can tire you and might also raise your temperature. Who says you or hubby has to if has your Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers tickets? Avoid the hustle and bustle and just enjoy a fun game with your dear partner because once the baby comes you won't be able to do the things you used to do before. Have as much quality time possible, you will need this bonding to help you prepare for the Stork's delivery.

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Tekkaus said...

Yes. I believe being a mommy means you really have to sacrifice a lot of stuff. So take a break whenever you can. :)

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