Stages of Parenthood

After 25 years of high school graduation, you’re in to a reunion, try looking at pictures. Do you not wonder why your high school teachers look only a little older than you or sometimes even younger? It is not only because of the many wonders of cosmetics and doctors who seem to be the progenitors of the font of Venus – the stages of parenthood has something to do with it.

The stages of parenthood are intertwined with several aspects of man’s life: economic, emotional, physical and even spiritual. The first stage usually on the first 6 years is the most taxing, physically dilapidating, mind-draining and mind-boggling because it is the stage where the couple is preparing for a comfortable life, adjusting to the married life especially with the so many attitudes and behaviours once hidden during the courtship period.

The second stage, usually on the 7th to the 15th year may be a little problematic in all aspects: having more expenses for the schooling of the kids, dealing with adolescents, competing with work schedules and schedules of kids, a rat-race career because it is at this stage when you have to really establish your roots in your work for the sake of the kids and getting down to your adulthood and finally retirement, being amidst all the temptations because your circle of friends has definitely gone wider so there are more temptations around – so family troubles start to crop up.

Finally, kids graduated, some have worked, others got married, you are now more relax and confident that you have given back to your parents what they have done to you. Economically, you are more secured; emotionally you have a feeling of achievement and a feeling of fulfilment; physically, you have time to enjoy outdoor activities, the gym and others not nursing and running after kids and going to and fro the school to fetch them especially during inclement weather; and spiritually – your mind is vent more to the church activities.

How can one not look young and still fresh after 25 years from the time kids were adolescents when these mentors have already surpassed the tests of time, the challenges of the future, the economic constraints, the agonies of uncertainties and the tiresome labours of motherhood and fatherhood?

Just wait for the time when the same look sheens on you – but be sure you have done your great homework from the Lord.


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