Precious Moments For Keeps

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Precious moments come and go that's why I take all the time in the world to document my little boy's moments since the time he was born. Keeping digital images is so convenient now and as long as I have computer backup for all the images I've taken, I can always come back to it to view or have it printed anytime I want.  I have encountered accidental hard drive formatting, bad sector and my hard drive simply crashed and lost everything before.  I wouldn't want to happen that anymore so I make sure I have several backup files.

Since we have images from time to time making a backup copy seems to be a little inconvenient that's why we are planning to have a server station which will automatically backup the files.  Almost the same concept as Carbonite, it automatically does backup works whenever the computer's connected online.  Though it doesn't backup software programs, and files saved on external hard drive, all the files the system has backed up can be accessed anywhere and anytime.  You may use your PC, MAC or even your smartphones and iPads as long as you ahve the free Carbonite app installed.

Carbonite Online Backup

Why worry over your files being lost if you can securely and automatically back it up with Carbonite?  For as much as $59 a year, guaranteed your files get unlimited backup with anytime and anywhere access.  Check out if this system can work for you, visit Carbonite's site and get to try their 15 days free trial offer.  If you feel like purchasing their service simply mention the offer code BLOGAD to get two months free.

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