Mom at Home

It’s so nice being able to wake up in the morning and get ready knowing I don’t have to rush into any office. I don’t have to break my neck to impress some boss or get a report in – all I have to do is do the best I can when it comes to raising my children. I love the kids so much and it’s so important to me that they get as much one on one time with me as possible, and I know they appreciate it too. I can’t believe I get to spend my days looking at things like Hughes Net Nash rates and back to school clothes sales rather than spreadsheets of sales figures and whatnot – it’s such a more pleasant way to live my life. I loved my job, I really did, but being able to stay at home is so much more rewarding than I ever thought it could be. I wouldn’t give this up for anything and that’s the honest truth about being a stay at home mom!

Guest post written by Derick Burks
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