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If not all, most of us take prescription medicine.  Over the years all these medications get higher and higher in terms of price, some even are ridiculously expensive.  My son alone has his own set of vitamins which of course has to be given by all means.  Me and my husband take several supplements as well, it's something that we need to have and we're willing to spend for it.  I admit that you try adding up all the medications and sum up the cost you'd feel quite heavy about it.  It's not at all that light on the budget and this is just one of those things which you need for your health.

Finding means of saving even just a little is very important nowadays.  Walgreens Prescription Savings Club for instance is offering special discount on its annual membership.  You ca have everybody in your family covered for a slow as $35.  Your spouse, kids, and other dependents younger than 22 including pets can benefit making some savings.  Individuals however are charged $20 for the annual membership which entitles to discounts on brand name and all generic medications. 

All little saving added up together will eventually sum up to something bigger than you thought.  Imagine getting some discounts on flu shots and other medical supplies which usually cost a good out of the pocket amount.  Feel free to check out more details in Walgreens and to keep you posted with all deals, you may follow Walgreens on Twitter and simply like Walgreens on Facebook.  

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