Beach vacation

The article written by Alonso Kramer

Last summer we decided to go on a vacation with our grown children, their spouses, and all of their children. It was a tremendous undertaking to be able to find a place big enough to accommodate all of us and be a place that we could all afford. But after a lot of searching on our satellite internet broadband, we were able to find a place in Cape San Blas, Florida, that was for rent by owner. The owner even gave us a discounted price because we reserved it so far in advance. It was a very large condominium in a gated community. There were two large pools available to us along with some tennis courts and, of course, the beautiful white sandy beach. My daughter and her husband brought one of those canopy things that you set up on the beach. So we spent most of our time out there. Normally I am a pool personand rarely go down to the beach. But with the canopy, I stayed at the beach all day every day. I only came in to eat lunch and get ready for dinner. We had coolers on the beach with drinks and snacks and really didn’t have to come in. We had shade for the times it was too hot which made it so much more bearable. Then we found out we could leave everything under our canopy for the night. We didn’t have to bring anything in. And, no one stole anything. I couldn’t believe it. I loved our trip there so much, and it meant a lot to me to be able to have our whole family together.
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