Always On The Run!

Always on the run!  Yes, that's what toddlers do best. They are just so full of energy and at some point will outrun you if you're not ready.  

My little boy is not the type to sit still most especially at the parks or playgrounds.  He loves to run around and just be all over the place.  There are time though that he would slow down and happily play in the sand are or be mucky dirty jumping on puddles.

It's a good thing to keep toddlers active even if means mommies getting tired running after them.  Having said this, I have retired on my heels and wedges.  I embraced the comfort of having to use comfort shoes for women, such as rubber shoes for me!  Even my sandals would be the sporty type to be able to  cradle me with comfort as I chase my little monkey on the loose. 

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betchai said...

laki na nya Ayie, yes, kids have so much energy, if they are out, they never stop running, but when they are home, some cry from tiredness of non stop running previously, haha

Ayie said...

Ate Betchai..hello!!! Oo nga ang laki na no? Sana makapunta kami San Diego in time para makapagmeet din tayo. Malilibang ka sa kulit nito.

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