Considerations Before Conceiving

Before we finally decided it's time to have our baby, me and my husband talked and talked numerous times weighing in considerations. Like what? Well, we had a difficult situation back then being apart due to work situation. Hubs had to come back to US after college and a year of work so from then on we were already separated. Married after 2yrs being apart then another long separation. It was really impossible for us to conceive by the time we got married since he had to fly a week after the wedding and considering we were just starting then, we thought best that it's better to adjust with the married life and have the baby later on when we are together. That alone had a blast of considerations. We believe that nothing can be and should be rushed and that God will provide when the right time comes. After almost another 2yrs apart, we finally reunited me having to migrate and leaving everything behind. Now as official husband and wife, practically still on the newlyweds stage.

Another obstacle for us in conceiving was his family responsibilities. Him being a first born has tons of responsibilities on his shoulders. Great financial deals at stake and we don't want having a baby in such a difficult situation. We want to be more than ready at least emotionally, physically and financially. Of course for us to be ready for our baby's needs, we can't just take those things forgranted. Steering clear with all those deals we finally decided it's time. We reached a point in our lives realizing how much we've been giving way to others. Having our own family, starting our lives became more of our focus. From there we started to take our paths to the next level. Having the determination and the will, we settled on conceiving our baby.
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Tekkaus said...

Glad that you and your hubs decided to have baby. =) War...your hubs is so handsome and macho! =)

Ayie said...

hahaha and how about me? no comment? Don't be so blunt about me being too small, he calls me tiny =P *lol* I love the way you described my husband...hehehe now do you think we can have a nice baby like Elisse?

Tekkaus said...

Haha :D You? You are equally attractive just like your hubs. Both of you are made for each other. It is like you guys complement each other. =)

Ayie said...

Ahahaha, I was just kidding asking about me. But thanks for the compliments!

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