Preparations and Decisions

I had to make sure I'm healthy enough to conceive a baby in time so I had a year to prepare for that. Before I migrated here, I made it a point to have a check up in an OB-GYN clinic. From there I was guided by my nice and gentle doctor and prescribed necessary supplements needed in preparation for future pregnancy. Diet was a strict factor and I'm proud to say that I managed to follow. I made sure my husband and doctor meet by the time he's back home.

After coming here our second preparation started. We checked out our funds, accounts, resources and all to further determine how good we can sustain a family addition. Having a baby is not all about budgets and savings, being physically and emotionally fit is very important. We're more careful with our diet here staying away from those fast foods. I cook healthy meals in varieties of meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits. Internet researches helped a lot in acquiring information prior to conceiving. Then I found out too much caffeine can hinder conception so the coffee addict in me got alarmed. I never thought my favorite coffee can hinder such thing! After reading that article I decided to stop or at least lower my coffee intake. It wasn't easy but I always say to myself it's all for the baby. I take a sip maybe once a week and sometimes even not. Aside from diet I also try to maintain some walking exercise weekly. I'm quite lazy with workouts so a leisurely walk can do the trick. Sleep was given a high consideration too and we make sure to relax from time to time to reduce our stress.

Having done all these things I thought conceiving can come easier and as I worked on my researches, I found this great site "" very helpful. I was able to know more about timing when you are highly fertile or at least ready to ovulate. Hehehe, I never paid too much attention to these things back then. You can actually consider me ignorant of this matter. No kidding! Having learned all these I thought conceiving will be a lot easier now that i have a guide. It was certainly frustrating not being able to conceive still after months of trying. Hearing all about teen pregnancies and one night stand conceiving gave me the idea it was as easy as that. Now I know I was wrong to think that way.

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Tekkaus said...

I love this post Ayie! Very informative. =)

Ayie said...

This blog is for everybody, I want to share what I learned and I also want to get feeds from those blogger moms to further aid me to my journey. You may refer here too for your future baby plans. I hope this blog can help you too and your wifey in time.

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Perhaps my wife should read this blog. LOL :D

Ayie said...

She sure can read this, share it anytime you wish.

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