Post Break: Getting Ready To Fly

Our much awaited time has come, finally our little boy;s out and we're actually planning already about bringing him back home to meet my family. We had to postpone our trip due to his arrival but next year me, hubs and baby will surely fly back home.

I will have to check out another luggage for us, having a baby requires a lot of things too. I am checking on something simple like Hartmann luggage and the casual looking Tumi luggage. Something not too common looking so it's not going to be hard to spot it from all other luggages.
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Tekkaus said...

Bringing him back on an aeroplane! Goodness. Must be very challenging for baby. :D

lina said...

You have to prepare.

But look on the bright side - most people love babies. You get to board early too. And flight attendants dotes on babies. Strangers strike up conversation when normally they don't.

When is the planned date?

Ayie said...


no other way but to fly =P I'd rather board a plane than cruise the entire pacific across

Ayie said...


last wk of jan 2011 we're eyeing on baby spending and celebrating his 1st bday there in the Philippines also if time permits swing by other nearby countries

mimi said...

hi ayie! it is really nice to read stories of yours..u already migrated or just merely working there?

nwy, hope u can check my blog as well. hehe very new to this blogging thing

Ayie said...


Hi! thanks, I appreciate your visit here. I migrated not basically for work reasons but for family reason. I work here but freelance only and do it at home. I will check out your blog =) You might like my more personal blog Jif Photojournal

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