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I know there is a debate over whether raising killer whales in captivity is the right or humane thing to do. After all, trainers get eaten by killer whales all the time, and it makes sense, given that the word "killer" is an adjective used to describe them. I certainly would not stick my hand in the kennel of a killer dog, or go to the movies with a professed serial killer. It just doesn't make sense, and by sense I mean both the common and spider variety. This is why SeaWorld in San Diego to me is not very child friendly. I prefer the San Diego Zoo and the calming, zen-like presence of elephants.

They say an elephant never forgets, but I assure you none of those memories involve the crippling of their trainer. Far from it. The elephants there are very amiable. The polar bears are also very kind, and not strung out on cola like the ones you see on the commercials. These polar bears seem almost lovable and not like the godless killing machines that infest our local aquariums. The zoo is wonderful place for both the children and the family, but this does not mean everywhere is safe. That's why when leaving for the zoo I always set my home security alarm(Adt packages here) to stun. Okay, I set it to contact the police, but it works all the same.

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

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Tekkaus said...

We don't have many zoos here in Malaysia as we can hardly keep up with the cost. :/

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