Post Break: Teaching bike safety to my kids

My wife jokes about me acting more like a worrisome mother than she does, but I guess that's kind of the truth. However, there are worse things that I could be accused of. Right now the thing that I'm really trying ot teach my kids and stress with them is bike safety because they're constantly on their bikes in teh neighborhood.

We live in a pretty nice development so I don't worry too much about their safety in it, but I came up with an idea the ohter day. I went online with my clear 4g and looked at a map of the area and highlighted areas that they could ride their bikes in.

They've been asking to ride their bikes to meet their friends at different places, so I also highlighted where bike paths are that they should take on the map. Then after I got them to study it I rode my bike and showed them where these spots and routes were. I feel better about them riding their bikes around now, even though I still worry a little bit.

Guest post written by Harry Huffman

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