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No matter how good you are in budgeting if the allowance is barely enough to buy you life's luxuries then it's really impossible to do it.  Nowadays having extra things like cable, phone line contract, subscription here and there can eat up your hard earned money for nothing.  Most moms go through the toughest budget to make family living decent enough to have everything the family needs.  Same thing goes for managing the household matters and the financial aspect of living.  To get more from your money we have to be extra careful with the spending and be wiser with the choices. 

Take for instance a mobile subscription service, it can be good or bad depending on what kind of plan you are in.  But if you're after for more practical service without having to be in long term binding contracts, see if the witch to Straight Talk can make a difference.  They have the total Hook, line and sinker deal with guaranteed excellent reception and connectivity for a price you won't believe.  Maybe if I were to get such savings then I can spoil my baby a bit more  with some toys that he needs right now, as we all know those things are quite pricey.

Speaking of plans, the "All You Need Plan" are ideal for heavy phone users as it comes with 1,000 minutes & texts plus 30mb of we data.  Their unlimited service starts at $45 with all you can text, call or surf the net for such amount.  Even better get the $499 deal for a year-long service with free 411 calls, free activation, reactivation and termination fees.  International connection is also a breeze, you can Call a friend abroad as fast as 1,2,3.

Straight Talk offers wide selection of cellular phone models from LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.  The Android on Straight Talk is something comparable to a bigger luxury but less the price.  The basic models are as low as $10 and smartphone models range from $45 and higher.  Not convinced enough?  Feel free to see the testimonials and other information from people who made the switch by watching the videos below:

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