Needed a Roommate

I finally found a roommate. I thought I would love living in a two bedroom apartment alone, but it is super expensive. When you have to pay for the entire rent and all the utilities, it adds up very quickly. I didn’t start out living alone, but when my last roommate decided to drop out of school, I was left alone in the apartment. I had to cancel the landline phone and the directstartv in order to pay rent. I was only eating noodles and hotdogs and leaving the lights off as long as I could. While the privacy and space was nice, it was not a good lifestyle to live. After only two weeks of living like this, I started the search for a new roommate to help pay the bills. It has been super difficult to find someone in the middle of the school year, but I got very lucky. My current roommate is a super, sweet girl who was living with her boyfriend, but they broke up. While I am sad for her, I am glad I am able to get everything back to normal.

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham
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