Stand Up For Family

This post brought to you by American Family Insurance. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Street Lights act caught my attention, mom used to be so strict when it's time to be home.  Whenever me and my brother go out to play we make sure not to do overtime or else mom would be walking around the neighborhood looking for us. As soon as the sun was about to set we'll rush home and get ourselves cleaned up and ready for supper.  We didn't wear watch to know it was time to go home, our body clock tells us when we had to head back home though there were faulty times that our body clock didn't work.  We'll realize we missed our time once we hear mom calling out for our names, there was no escaping mom at all.

It's rare that there's a stand up comedy which doesn't include dirty jokes and restricted languages for the young ones.  Stand Up For Family is an ideal skit for the entire family because of the realistic scenarios brought by the comedian.  It showed greatly how things happen within certain families and how memories are created by everyone.  It's amazing how AmFam thought of this approach for their American Family Insurance advertisements.  This is quite unique and shows gentler approach to viewers than those non-sense commercials of no value.  The skits are good and entertaining enough for the entire family.

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