Mommy Prefers Packed Meals

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As a mom I make sure we eat healthy and not take junk foods frequently.  This helped me and my husband lose and maintain our desired weight.  As we all know junk foods not only contribute extra calories and fats but also can pose health risks if consumed regularly.  There are so many healthier variety of foods to replace junkies which can even help boost energy and keep you on the right track. 

I pack lunch for my husband twice a week and even for me and our little boy whenever we go out.  There are many occasions when a microwave is not accessible and bringing a cooler can be quite bulky to keep foods either warm or cold.  I myself wouldn't want to eat something that doesn't taste freshly done, it's not being picky but I want my foods like it's freshly served regardless where and when I'm eating it. 

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Making use of insulated lunch boxes is a great alternative compared to coolers which take up much space and not as easy to carry around.  Of course if it's packed meals for a person or two it's a lot more convenient just to carry a small lunch box or bag.  PackIt lunch boxes are great for keeping your foods fresh as it stays cold longer than other lunch bags.  I can make use of it when I'm packing fruits, desserts or salads whenever we're on the go.

PackIt is a clever invention of Jeannette and Melissa who wanted a better solution to keep their kids' lunch cool.  To know more if PackIt can work for you and your food packing needs check out the video below and feel free to visit their website.  If you're convinced enough to purchase a bag or two don't lose your time. for a limited time offer you can have PackIt plus a free one for only $19.95.


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