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Having a kid around means you'll have to have plenty of snacks for the day as they need this for this growth.  No junkies for me and as much as possible we avoid giving sweets.  Healthier eating is very essential to our lifestyle.  Raising our boy with such thinking can further benefit him in the future.

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It is not bad to have some treats from time to time.  In fact it is a good training when me and daddy eat some occasional treats with our little boy.  This gives him the chance to try other things and cut such curiosity which can lead to more craving of such treats.  It gives a sense of discipline when you do things as a family, even if it's just about food.

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Quaker Oats is a big part of our diet and it would be nice to have a ready baked bars for a treat when we're on the go.  We usually would grab crackers for snack when we're out and about, sometimes we'll crave for soft baked cookies.  As we all know most soft baked cookies are packed with sugars and butter, not very ideal for our little boy to indulge in.     

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We can enjoy Quaker Soft Baked Bar for a little breakfast snack or travel treat on the go.  It is a wholesome food that we can all enjoy without much guilt.   We will definitely love the banana nut as an alternative to our favorite banana nut muffin or loaf cake.  Daddy and baby will surely enjoy this quaker treat!

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