Your Growing Toddlers

When you have a growing baby, exposure is very critical with his or her development.  At age two kids have receptive brain and they absorb things so quickly.  It's the best time to teach and keep the kids exposed to languages and other developmental activities.  Their energy level will always be  higher than ours and will be likely to be active throughout the day.  This is better than having to see your kids very sluggish and tired all the time.  That's something we have to be thankful about as parents, that the kids are growing beautifully and strong by the day.

Take advantage of playdates when you get invitations from friends.  Your baby needs this kind of exposure in order to learn and develop social interaction.  It is not good to keep the baby always indoors and restrict from playing freely.  Every child needs to run free and play.  This is how their motor skills develop.  Activities with other kids can promote behavior development, just be watchful and keep an eye for those things that you don't want your baby to pick up from others as they tend to copy whatever they see from each other.

All parents have different ways in growing and raising their kids, all moms must know how to respect this as well.  In order for the kids to learn how to accept and respect their differences with others, they will have to see and learn it from their parents.  At this age, your baby will mostly react to how you treat him or her.  His or her mood will be dependent on yours.  Being a good role model will play a big part in your baby's development over-all.  Most importantly, spend lots of time with them.  It's worth every second of it.
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