There are many ways of brushing our baby's tooth / teeth.  Of course during the earliest days when the baby didn't even have a single tooth, cleaning the mouth and tongue is necessary and better done with a wet gauze cloth. Using mommy's fingertip with the  gauze cloth on, soft gentle strokes on the tongue and gums can help clean it out.  As the baby grows, special finger brushes can be introduced upon the appearance of the first tooth.  Later on baby toothbrush can be used with non-fluoride toothpaste to prevent fluoride ingestion.  Transitioning to fluoride toothpaste can be done once the baby knows how to spit out while brushing.  There's no perfect way to brush and teach the baby how to brush, moms are usually so anxious if they are doing it right.  Just remember that gentleness is a factor most especially when it comes to oral safety of the baby.

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