Baby Safety

At age 2 toddlers tend to dictate and insist on their ideals, needs and wants.  They are very expressive which is a good thing.  Some babies might still not sit through their baby car seat while others are completely fine with it.  I remember those times during baby's first year when he didn't like being strapped and would often cry it out so we can get him out of the straps.  What do you do as a parent?  Of course it is really heartbreaking hearing our baby wail and cry their heart out but safety must always be given best consideration.  Pulling over to soothe a crying baby is a nice thing to do when the fussing is way too much.  This will also relieve tension in driving.  Having a crying baby while driving isn't so safe either, there's a big distraction when you want to attend to your baby and drive the same time.  I am just so thankful now that my little boy wants to be strapped all the time even if it's just around the block drive.  He will even ask to strap him with seat belt and help do it himself.  Baby safety is very important and even if it breaks our heart hearing our baby cry when strapped in the car seat, getting them used to it is the best thing to do.  Regardless if you are a very good driver you'll never know when accident may happen.
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