What A Mother Feels

As time goes, I get to understand more and more how it is to be a mom. I relate more to things and experiences I've had with my mother during my earlier years. So much that it makes me appreciate every single thing she did for me. Of course my dad was equally there giving us all the live and care, not to forget the time he devoted to us.

I think referring to my mom talks more of how I am going through with my little boy.  I admit, I miss mommy and I can't wait to see her again. It's been awhile since we last saw each other having to live on the opposite sides of the world.  

My little boy has grown over the years without being so sick, that's a big relief for any parent. This year started off though, he's had stomach flu over the holidays and now some after effects of flu shot. I just wish all his sickness or anything that's making him unwell can be taken out of his system with a snap of the finger.  Only if there's magic.

I've experienced my mom putting up with me whenever I got sick.  Cold and hot compress, massage, warm tea, medicines, laying down with me the whole time she's watching me.... Now I appreciate it even more having to see myself do it for my son.  How worried could she had been those times, now I know. 
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