Baby Talk

I miss the time when my little boy started coming up with words and doing his baby talk.  Oh yes, that time when only you and him can practically understand each other.  In our case, dad even had a hard time picking up with us.  How did I understand him?  Oh well, motherly instinct maybe!  Funny enough that my mom told me, J's first word "angging" was exactly mine too when I was his age.  Like mother, like son? Err, I think dad will object as he has to have a fair slice of his traits evident with our little boy.

Growing up, I tried my best to converse with him and understand his words.  Baby talk it is but he's certainly trying to express himself and tell me something.  That's very important to growing kids, to be able to send their message to their parents.  I don't think no translation service can ever decode their heart warming baby babbles,  those are precious moments that I'll forever cherish.  I did my best to talk to him with real words and not level to his baby talk.  It doesn't help when one talks just like them, this somehow impairs them to understand the real words you are trying to speak to them.  I guess that's why it's called baby talk, babies get to talk their way and not grown-ups imitating them.  

Time flies by so fast, they grow up so quickly.  The baby talk doesn't really end yet for my little J, he still loves to talk "silly" as he calls it.  Pretending he's a little baby, he would blurt out many funny sounding words from time to time.  Of course I've got to be more strict about this, he's already 4yrs old and by all means not good for him to think he can just silly talk to everybody.  I understand him wanting to feel like a baby still, he is still my baby and will always be. 
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