Pre Natal Vitamins

Pre-natal vitamins are very essential for pregnant women. We need proper nourishment and all necessary components for a healthier pregnancy and for our baby's development. Pre-natal vitamin can be taken before, during and during postnatal lactation. It's a bit similar to multivitamins except it contains different amounts of specific nutrients needed by an expecting mother.

I was given these vitamin samples from my first pre-natal clinic and all done now =) I am now taking a different vitamin prescribed by Dr. Vallejo which I asked from her when she called me up to check if I went to the dietitian's schedule. I was so pleased to hear her that same day because she's so in touch with her patients and really checking.
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levian said...

i learn so much by following your pregnancy journey. the doctor sure sounded cool, giving close attention to her patients. am glad that you are in good hands. :)

Tekkaus said...

Really? What vitamins are needed? :p Well...I can prepare this when my wife is pregnant. LOL :D

Ayie said...


I really want this blog to be helpful to women not only to pregnant and expectant moms. I will be writing more info and guides as i go through this journey. This blog won't be just a documentation of my pregnancy but everything that goes with it. =)

Ayie said...


Pre natal Vitamins, special vitamins made for women trying to conceive all the way to breastfeeding moms. This supplies the necessary nutrients needed both by mom and baby.

Mummy Gwen said...

Yes. Prenatal vitamins are very important.

Ayie said...

Mummy Sexy,

Very true, both for mommy and baby =)

Anonymous said...

I remember those pre-natal vitamins! You must take it every day Ayie..

Ayie said...


I am taking it every single day, I want to make sure baby gets enough supplements to keep him/her healthy and also for me too =) Thanks Icy!

Jean Stockdale said...

What a great resource for women. My boys are grown, married, and have babies of their own. Such an exciting time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on our visit with Declan and a chance to sit and throw rocks. Life is good! Blessings.

Ayie said...


Thanks Jean, you always cheer me up with your nice remarks.

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