Gestational Diabetis

What is Gestational Diabetis? I'd like to share this to everybody, ladies who will in the future conceive, guys who will also become a father in time to further understand what your wife might go through and most especially to expectant moms out there.

Pregnant women sometimes develop a medical condition called Gestational Diabetis or GDM. It's a special kind of Diabetis that happens only during pregnancy (gestation). This results in high blood sugar levels which later on can cause health problems for you and your baby.

I've been reading maternity books and from there I get more informed about GDM. The reason why doctors really closely monitor this is to prevent the baby from growing too big in size. Of course if this happens C-section might have to be done due to baby's size. Tests are usually done for Blood Glucose Screening at about 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. Some factors are also being considered prior to the screening like having GDM in previous pregnancy, family history of Diabetis & overweight. Having your baby died before birth, born with birth defects of unknown cause or born weighing 9 or more pounds also falls on high consideration.

usually goes away after baby's born but certain measures also need to be done like eating right, maintaining helathy weight and regular exercise. About 2-6 weeks after delivery a blood test will be done to check if the blood sugar has returned to normal.

I will have a follow up post about the risks, prevention and treatment for GDM.
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Anonymous said...

I had gestational diabetic with my last child, and was on a strict diet..In the end, we both were clear..

Tekkaus said... I learn something new heard Ayie. Before this I didn't know about gestational diabetis at all. :D

levian said...

i remembered my sister's friend having a problem during her pregnancy. something about the baby's blood is poison to the mother? in the end the baby was born early n they lost her after couple of days. it was so, so sad. at the same time, the mother on the bed next to her had her baby died in her, though i never did find out the reason. it was just so devastating!

Ayie said...


I'm really hoping everything will be ok. this is my first pregnancy and mommy's not here with me anywhere near so I have nobody else but myself & hubs to depend on. I'm following the diet, I just keep thinking all for baby! I'm happy to hear that both you and your baby were fine afterwards.

Ayie said...


I didn't know about it too unless I was told about it. At first I was freaking paranoid and mom just told me it's ok. Just keep reading here so you can be more prepared in time for your wifey.

Ayie said...


Girl you are scaring me! SO much anticipation for this pregnancy, drives me nuts too =P

lina said...

great info Ayie.

I was lucky my second pregnancy (Raimie is actually my second. I miscarried my first one)went without a hitch. Just gained too much weight for my own good. :D

ladyviral said...

My sister early had that when she had her first child. During the time of her pregnancy, she was craving for chocolates and cie creams all the time! So ended up taking too much sweet stuffs.

@ levian : I wonder if it the issue where the antibody actually detects the blood or the person's own blood as an foreign object. Which is why the body actually tries to get rid of it. If the person is able to sustain he/she will survive.

foongpc said...

Is there a possibility that after the baby is born, the mother will still experience diabetic condition and it doesn't go away?

Ayie said...


It's good that everything went fine with Raimie. Now you have a big boy =)

Ayie said...


I'm not much into sweets so good thing and I've been on a specific diet. not really "losing weight" diet but more of healthy eating for maintenance even before the pregnancy. It's not good to eat much sweets since pregnancy can cause GDM.

As for your views on Levian's comment, I think I have something I can post about that. It's one of the blood screening that they do to check those things. Good point.

Ayie said...


There's a chance in later years but most likely the GDM will go away. The answers will be more on the next posts. i discussed there the risks and the preventions and treatment.

Ayie said...


About the blood thing I think I have a special booklet about the blood screening tests they do for mother and most baby's development. I'll check on it and post about it.

life ramblings said...

i had experienced GDM during my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies and it wastn't easy to adhere to strict diets. but glad i was cleared at the end.

life ramblings said...

great post and informative for all expectant moms.

betchai said...

my sister in law had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant but now she is very okay and my niece is beautifully healthy :)

Ayie said...


I can't argue with the strict diet, it's hard but thinking it's for baby I am doing it smoothly. I just feel bad when I have sudden carvings and I know I just can't indulge. It's nice to know you really got cleared after.

Ayie said...


That's such a relief to hear Betchai. How about you? No plans adding to the family?

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