Taking A Break

It's important to have little breaks from mommyhood or daddyhood. This doesn't mean neglecting your kid and just doing your own thing. Although personal space is very important for anyone, doing family breaks is very ideal in keeping a healthy family life. Your kid will grow with more confidence and love in him. Having both parents by his side can contribute greatly to his development.

Having said this, try booking for a short family vacation by the beach. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, play with the waves, build sand castles and have fun out in the sun. These activities can strengthen the bond between parents and kids. Say for an instance check long beach listings and see options for long beach apartment for a more flexible family stay. Hotels are far more ideal weighing in the comforts compared to getting apartment for rent in long beach ca but this gives option gives you more freedom with your budget and activities you intend to do. Whatever works best for you and your family, make sure you enjoy every bit of it. That's more important than anything else.

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betchai said...

it is indeed great for you and your hubby Ayie to get a break from mommyhood and daddyhood, hope you three get to enjoy another vacation at the beach

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