I'm Down...

A day after the glucose test I received a call from Dr. Vallejo and it was bad news. She said my sugar got a little high and I asked if it's really high and she just referred to it as medium high. I knew, I had the feeling I might fail that test the moment I tasted that drink they gave me. It was too darn sweet for me, I never really take something like that making me think ahead that my body is not too used with that.

I felt so there's a more painful series of tests to do which is the 3-hr glucose test. That will be on my next post.
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Tekkaus said...

3 hours of glucose test? :( OMG!

Ayie said...

agonizing 3hrs =(

lina said...

Hang in there Ayie. It's all gonna be worthwhile in just a few months, when you see the baby's smile. :)

Take care and stay strong. Keep your spirits up high, k?

Ayie said...


Yes we believe so too...all for the baby. Thanks, your words made me smile =)

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